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before i forget,my interview at goldsmiths

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by hummi7883, May 21, 2011.

  1. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    i thought of sharing my experience as it might help some1 in the same situation.
    i applied for physics secondary at goldsmiths
    yesterday was fun.
    We had to give a presentation on topic-'two challenges that science teachrs are facing today'
    We were 8 in all...and just one interviewer.
    I prepared really well for the interview and the rest of them who were quite older than me ,and they were reading out on the slides,so some points befre going there:
    *very complicated buildings and floors so arrive in plenty of time so that u can relax.( some girls came in 15 mins late panting and huffing!!,the interviewer did not look very impressed)
    * presentation is for 5 minutes so prepare really well,the interviewer marks something down in his paper,which i think is to do with ur confidence ,ur eyecontact,way of delivering etc....so research about the best gestures and confident presentation tips.
    * the interviewer was very cool i think i and really put us all at ease.
    strictly do not read out from the slides,dont bring researches and keep saying this is not my thoughts,these are purely researches!!(heheh)
    *A simple subject knowledge test written,it had these questions:(just an idea plz dont asume that its going to be the same..):
    if a child came to u and asked when i turn on the switch y does the light goes on...(something like this)how would u explain this ....
    What is a chemical reaction?(how wouldu explain this to the kids)
    if a plant had 5 kg mass after 15 years it has 25 kg mass....what is this and how would u explain this to the kids?
    these were the only 3 questions asked.
    My PI went really good....he told me that he really thought that i gave the best presentation,well structured(with a intro,content,conclusion kind of things..). |(he better take me now!!)i used a very nice quote in my presentation,n he asked me to repeatit again in my Personal interviewer(nice trick to catch some1's attention...).if u use it make sure u check that it is relevant to the topic.....
    interview questions:
    How would u handle a disruptive student or students...(he was looking for the steps that u ould follow)
    what is ur fav topic?
    how would u make this lesson interesting..?
    We discussed my qualifications for a very long time...
    asked me y i chose to teach,how i came here.....quite normal semi personal q's.... dont know if this would even help anyone...as everybody has a different experience.....but kjust for an idea,......
    I'll update in this thread if i get in....(pheww....another waiting game!!)
    I really enjoyed the evening....
    i wore a suit(nobody did....infact some girls came really casual but i dont think it is a very good idea...)
    Talk to everyone there,and try to e really fun..(he keeps an eye on u thourgh out...
    m tired now...... any questions plzz ask....oh yes if there is anyone starting science pgce at goldsmiths plz get in touch.....(m not even sure i'll be there...hehe
  2. Hey, I had my interview in March, the post above brings back memories! Look forward to seeing you in September - fingers crossed!
  3. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    wow...finally somebody starting september!!..did u make it?...u shud be knowing by now..silly question....anyways...m still waiting to hear back...was ur interview the same style?was it the man with a pony tail...?i really liked him...he was so calm and polite... anyways....m praying that i see you in spetember!!lolz

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