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Been TTC for ages!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Torri, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    What's the deal with flaxseed oil? Do you take it to lengthen luteal phase? I have a week of brown spotting (eurgh!) before af, but not sure if that means my luteal phase is short or not, as first day of bleeding gives me a normal cycle length. Also, if it's something I should take for this, when do I take it? All the time or during the second half of my cycle?
  2. Hi toe, I have this too (the stuff we talk about on here....!) Going to the doctors next week to talk about ttc, and I'm going to ask about this, I'll let you know what he says. x
  3. ((LMC)) so sorry af looks like she's arrived, our bodies are so cruel to get our hopes up like this, big hugs lovely. x x
  4. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Thanks Miss B! I should probably also make an appointment, but never quite get round to it, and then think, 'maybe'...
  5. I'm terrified that he will say, "Sorry Miss B, you're just too old and knackered now!"...but figure, at least I'll know?? Pick up the phone lovely, you encouraged me to do it....I'd have been still trying to pluck up the courage. Although worried, I feel surprisingly positive too. Good luck hunny. x x x
  6. Hi ladies,
    Does anyone else fantasise about being the first to start a new baby thread, such as Winter Babies 2011? I stupidly checked out what my EDD would be if we got lucky this cycle and it's 28th Nov - technically still Autumn, but I think it could pass for Winter! I've got carried away again - oh dear.
  7. I don't fantasise about being able to start a thread, but just being able to actually join one [​IMG]
    So have been reading TTC thread but didn't want to post in there (for obvious reasons I hope) and I am sorry that we are all here. It is just ****. The shine of TTC has gone for me too and to be honest, none of it seems to be about having a baby anymore. The end goal is not visible anymore, I/we don't imagine that baby, the positive pregnancy test, the family we are trying to create. It is just one huge big cycle of nothing but diappointment.
    Last month, after being told my cervix was blocked and that I would need the HSG under GA with possible dialation, we didn't DTD once at all, the whole cycle. This meant that when AF arrived, that feeling was missing, as there was a zero chance of her not arriving. That felt better.
    So what are the options? Not try AT ALL to avoid the feelings? Use protection? Cos no matter how little you get your hopes up, you still feel the same when she arrives. I don't know what the answer is.
    There is just no point anymore. No point getting hopes up, no point trying. My cervix is blocked, we have **** sperm, my tubes are probably blocked, my body doesn't seem to produce EWCM. The chances are about one in a million. I am starting to feel like I can't do this anymore.
    And then comes the arrival of my cousins baby. So pleased for them, they are older than me and I am really happy they have got their little bundle of joy. But will mine ever come? It is a constant reminder of my failings. My body's inability to do what it should. There are times (like now) when I feel so so so so so angry. I don't know what to do about that. My doctor said to go back if there was anything that he could do. But short of wave a magic wand there is nothing anybody can do. I think he meant he could give me tablets. I don't want tablets. Will they stop me hurting so much? Will they stop me thinking ? Will they stop the anger? Can they stop my worst enemy, my mind? If they can then YES PLEASE I'LL TAKE THEM!!
    I feel like giving up on life. It's my fault, my body had done this. I can't cope with not knowing if it will ever be ok. I don't think it ever will be ok. I just can't cope full stop.
    Sorry this is all me me me.
  8. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    ((PF2)) It's rubbish. I'll say 'I know how you feel' but I know you have different problems to me, so that's not entirely true, but hopefully you 'get' the sentiment. I don't really know what to say; I can't make empty promises or offer anything constructive, but perhaps if it's possible you and OH could try to make plans for couply things to do, like holidays, weekends away, meals out etc. It may work as a distraction (I know, who am I kidding?) and it could bring you closer together to deal with whatever lies ahead.
    Take care of yourself. maybe somebody else will write something useful... sorry!
  9. pf2 - the longer we try the harder the toll on our minds as well as bodies. take some time to remember why you are both together and in love, the reason why you began TTC in the first place. It's hard but you are not alone in your feelings. I've been having some counselling which has helped.

    toeinwater- flaxseed from ov to AF helps with implantation and Short LP which spotting can be a sign of.

    sorry haven't posted for a while, on CD10 and due to ov next week. going away abroad to get married/honeymoon on Wednesday as was made redundant at half term from my college. so all change for me. hoping the wedding will take my mind off babies for a bit and maybe result in a honeymoon pregnancy!

    wish me luck and good luck those testing over next couple of weeks.

    LeeBees x
  10. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    LB - thanks for the info on flaxseed; I wonder if I could get my hands on some today - I think I'm 3dpo so surely that would still be useful??
    I've given myself a good talking to and am going to try the art of positive thinking (mostly thanks to Brettgirl for yesterdays(?) post). So I'm thinking myself pg!!! I realise there's more to it than that, but working on the theory that we dtd around the time of ov, I'm going to assume it's worked and think, rather than say, mantras to will it to come true. does that sound completely mad?? There's an element of visualisation which goes along with it, which Zita West is an advocate of. Who knows! I'm tempted to say 'it can't do any harm' but I do realise that if and when af arrives I could be more crestfallen than usual.
  11. LeesBees, congrats on your impending wedding! How exciting! Have you had this planned for a while or just decided to suddenly 'take the plunge'? A honeymoon baby would be really magical, fingers crossed for you. x x x
    PS Crappy about redundency though, hope something turns up soon. x x x
  12. Oh wow, a wedding, how exciting! Congratulations to you both [​IMG] xxx
  13. Congrats on the impending nuptuals LeeBees. Let's hope you do get a honeymoon baby.
    I've just come back from Boots with a packet of test sticks for the CBFM, some BOGOF FR pg tests and a bottle of cough mixture with the essential ingresient (which I can't spell!). I was going to buy some EPO, but the capsules were massive and I can just about swallow paracetemol, so I gave them a miss. I made the mistake of taking OH with me, who is very sceptical about all these things, so I didn't buy the his n hers conception tablets. I did explain to him on the way home the reason behind the cough syrup and he seemed to understand why I bought it.
    Anyway, I'm on CD 14 now and approx 5 days until ov, so I shall start taking my 2 spoonfulls of syrup (followed by a large glass of water) and drinking grapefruit juice in the hope that my body creates at least some ewcm this cycle! The things we do to try to have a baby.
  14. Hey antoniou, are you trying the CBFM next cycle then? Exciting!
    I too have been shopping, a lady gave me a knowing smile when she looked in my basket and heard me muttering "Flaxseed...flaxseed....where the hell is it?!"
    Bought grapefruit juice - the right kind this time, EPO and have ordered some new CB digi ov tests online. Couldn't find flaxseed oil capsules in Asda, so sending OH for them tomo from Holland and Barrett. Also got a docs appointment this month, though have a feeling not much will be done as I concieved last year and have had HSG so know my tubes are clear.
    Feeling positive about this cycle, OH is convinced I'll get preggo during Easter hols...I hope so!!! Bring on the BFPs!
    Love and luck ladies. x x
    PS Molly, did you get any answers about clomid? Have you started it yet? x
  15. I hope so too Miss B. I still follow your progress and wonder how you are. All the best at your doctors appointment.
    Big Hugs xxxxx
  16. Yeah, ilovetheweekend is kindly lending me hers for a couple of months. Hopefully, it will only take that long, otherwise, if I like it, I'll buy my own! I should get it early in the week, but I think I have to wait until CD1 to use it, so it will have to wait till then.
    I think if I didn't have OH with me I would have bought a lot more in Boots. I was looking at agnus castus, EPO as well as the his n her supplements. I do understand what OH means when he says he's worried about me putting all these things in my system, but I'm on my 12th cycle of ttc and nothing is happening and I just feel like I should be doing more.
    We should hopefully get the results on OH's SA in about a week and see what the doctor says.
  17. Oh beaties, thank you, that's really kind. You'll have me blubbing soon, and I can't blame it on hormones...yet!! I still check in on you too. You must be getting very excited to meet your little boy now, time seems to be flying past! Love and stuff. x x x
  18. Good luck, hope everything is ok. My OH has said he is willing to go and be checked out (I was expecting a little resistance and for him to be not keen on the idea, but he seems fine!) so might ask the doc about that this week.
    I'm going to end up rattling soon! But if it helps, I'll give it a go! Mentioned about acupuncture yesterday as well, expecting OH to give me his [​IMG] look, but he thought it might be a good idea....okay who has snatched my sceptical OH and replaced him with this one??!! Not complaining though! x x x
  19. Good luck with the CBFM. I bought one from someone on another forum and forgot to reset the machine, what a fool! No need for it atm as not even provera can bring AF, stubborn b!tch!
    I love a wedding, many congratulations LeeBees. Fingers crossed for a honeymoon baby x
  20. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    It seems Sainsburys (even those with a pharmacy) do not sell flaxseed oil [​IMG], so I figure I'll just leave it this month and focus on my positive mental attitude and mystical chanting!

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