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Been TTC for ages!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Torri, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. OMG! I woke up after the most vivid dream. I dreamt I was heavily pregnant and in the early stages of labour! The dream was so vibid, for a second when I woke up I thought it was true! In all our months of ttc I've never dreamt of pregnant - I'm hoping it's a good sign and that this month we'll be successful.
    Hope AF has stayed away for you LMC and Miss B (I think I've remembered the right people [​IMG])
    Lashings of baby dust to all x
  2. <strike>vibid</strike> vivid! (Oops!)
  3. No AF and BFN for me this morning. FMU was really dark Orange too - unlike any I've ever had.

    Scan next week, then ICSI for us.
  4. Oh no LMC. Is it possible you ov'd later and have therefore tested too early? It's still good that AF hasn't turned up. It's not over till she arrives!
  5. To be honest antoniou, I don't think I did ov this month as I had no symptoms at all. Looking back, I'be probably not ov'd since nov.
  6. Still nothing here - no AF, no symptoms... I haven't tested again as I only have internet cheap tests in the house and have no doubt they'll come up negative anyway! (Why do I buy them if I have so little faith in them?!?!?)
    Scan next Thursday is an internal ultrasound, so no harm to any potential bean from that I'd guess... Oh heck, I can feel that I am setting myself up for the "Umm, LMC, you're pregnant" fantasy I has when I went for the last scan... Why do we do it to ourselves, ladies?
  7. I sent a card here once http://postsecret-uk.blogspot.com/ but itthe third ons's not mine on the 13th Feb entry.... I so know how she feels.... (Fortunately the second one's not mone either!)
  8. LMC - I really hope AF stays away for the right reason xx
    Am thinking of buying a CBFM - what do we think?
  9. Aw, that postcard is really sad LMC, and I completely agree I feel like that too much of the time at the moment :(
    Wish I could take my mind off it all for a while and stop trying to give my heart some respite but I couldn't bare to not try each month, just in case....there's always hope!
  10. Ditto [​IMG]
    I'm still feeling weird and have a terribly achey left boob, how random!
    Wishing you all well x
  11. OMG LMC! I had that dream before internal scan on Wed. Tues night dreamt that sonographer said "You're pregnant mariposa" I told my mum on the way to the hospital....oh well...AF arrived yet LMC?
  12. OMG LMC! I had that dream before internal scan on Wed. Tues night dreamt that sonographer said "You're pregnant mariposa" I told my mum on the way to the hospital....oh well...AF arrived yet LMC? Hope not x
  13. Excuse double post, on phone and it posted before I'd finished!
  14. How late are you now? Have you tried another test? Fingers crossed for you xx
  15. 3 days late now. Not testing again yet, as my longest cycle has been 5 days late. Thought I had start of spotting after posting earlier, but nothing came of it. On cd 34, and usually spot on cd30, with at coming after day 31.
  16. LMC, you're a much stronger person that I am, I would have tested by now.
    I'm starting to have doubts that I'll ever get pg. No rational reason, we haven't had OH's SA result yet, but all my bloods came back ok. Then I worry that I might have a problem like PCOS or endo and I don't think I'd be able to cope with that.
    The shine has completely gone off ttc now. It's just a cycle of AF, dtd, getting hopes up, then devastation. [​IMG]
  17. Does anyone have any experience of Clomid? I was given a prescription for 3 months last week when I saw the consulant following my Hycosy scan (which was all clear [​IMG]). I have yet to start taking it as I am currently waiting for AF to turn up, which could be anytime between tomorrow and next Thursday as my cycles vary between 23 and 28 days. Of course, naturally, I am half hoping that AF doesn't turn up and I won't need the fertility drugs, but after 14 months of trying now I realise that is probably unrealistic.
    Anyway if anyone has taken Clomid and can tell me anything I'd be grateful - there is some scary side effect stuff online so I am trying to stay away from Google. Anyone know what success rates are like for Clomid?
    I think the plan is to take this for 5 days for each of next 3 cycles and if no success then move to IVF referral - if I have lost enough weight by then to get my BMI down to acceptable levels & if we decide we want to go down that route and I am pretty sure it is not for me but I want to wait until it is the only option left before I make a final decision (if that makes any sense? I guess I like to keep my options open). The weight is still steadily coming off (with the help of weightwatchers) and the consultant seemed pleased that I had lost over a stone between appointments, losing the weight is 1. In the meantime I have also started researching adoption, doing a bit of reading, as I think possibly we might prefer to go down the adoption route rather than the IVF route when the time comes and I'd like to be well informed on both processes before making that decision. It is really our ages (me 37 & hubby 41) that puts me off trying IVF first before moving to adoption - I want a family before I am too old to enjoy having them (!) I am being such a pessimist at the moment, but that is my strategy to avoid the disappointment of getting my hopes up. Also the adoption reading gives me something else to think about and stops me obessing on the monthly wait for AF!
    thanks x
  18. I feel exactly the same antoniou. Now on cycle 14, I'm sure something is wrong, but I'm scared of knowing what. Once OH is better I promised miss B that I would make a doc's appointment - terrified that if they do listen that the problem will be insolvable.
  19. Bfn and definite red spotting :(
  20. ((( ))) LMC. Why do our bodies do this to us? I'm off to buy some Robitison (sp?) Cough syrup on the hope it will help, bit as I'm already halfway through this cycle, I'll have to use it next month.

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