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Been TTC for ages!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Torri, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. A colleague brought her little one into work today. I couldn't go and see her.... not with our clinic appointment playing on my mind too...
  2. I couldn't agree more [​IMG]
    My return to work is so sad. The staff who were pregnant before I left now have 3 week baby bump growth. It makes me so depressed. I am really struggling at work. I can't respond to the children emotionally like I used to. My reserves are so low that I have much less to give and come home sobbing. They cry for their Mummies and I want to cry because I am not a Mummy. I can't wait for half term to get away from it. I am so desperate to throw up everyday and feel flutters and kicks. I keep thinking I feel things and take pregnancy tests but they are always negative. Shouldn't be surprised - I could count on one hand the number of times we've had sex since I lost the baby three months ago and we've used condoms every time.
    Just when I start to feel like I am coping much better with life I get knocked back down. Boohoo!!
  3. At least it's half term and we can escape all these pregnant colleagues! Hopefully we'll all have a chance to relax and recharge. It's been such a long half term that it doesn't really help when TTC.
    Big hugs to all - and baby dust, of course xxxx
  4. Well said, Antoniou. Happy Half Term erveryone!
  5. Welcome to half term, ladies!
  6. Mine's just ending and I've spent most of it puking and feeling sick.
  7. Sorry to hear you've been feeling so poorly Mariposa, hope you're feeling better now.
    I hope most
    Call me pathetic but I am not really keen on holidays, I mostly spend the days alone with just my negative thoughts and worries about TTC for company which tend to worsen the more I think about them. My OH is working away this weekend and won't be back till Sunday night, I've tried without success to find someone to spend time with :-( . Don't suppose there's anyone on here in East Anglia whose similarly at a loose end this weekend?
  8. Sooy Sarah9, nowhere near you but totally know where you're coming from with the not liking the hols.....I gradually get more bored and more down :(
  9. My SIL was unbearable when she was pregnant. She had to be seen by the consultant in the end as baby measured small and wasn't gaining weight, she was concerned about gaining weight herself. She was never sick but felt it and took to not eating, my best friend suffered terribly but still ate for the sake of the baby. I have no experience of feeling pregnant but she waddled at full term despite only looking about 5/6 months getting her husband to shave legs etc. If I sound bitter then I clearly am!
  10. Mariposa - I hope you feel better soon. Its horrible when you get ill during the holidays.
    Antoniou - have a fab time in NYC and shop the blues away! I hope AF stays away.
    Sarah - I am nowhere near you sorry but holidays or being off ill from work give us too much time to dwell on TTC sometimes.
    Meanwhile I am 9dpo no real symptoms of AF or PG so in limbo for a few more days.
    Hope everyone has a good half term. Sorry for lack of paragraphs as typing on my phone.

    LB x
  11. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    Hope you feel better soon Mariposa.
    Have a fab holiday antoniou - fingers crossed for you. x x
    This is my first cycle ttc properly since my mc in December. I am now 11 dpo and my temps are still high so I gave in and poas this morning - BFN![​IMG] I can't help but get my hopes up as we did everything this month that we did when we conceived. I also tested positive by 11dpo so I was really hoping that if I was pregnant this month then it would show by now. I don't have any symptoms, but then I didn't really have any last time either. I just fell really upset and down this morning.
    AF should be due on Monday. Why is this all so hard? My best friend is great but she got pregnant both times straight away - so thinks it will be quick for us as "women are more fertile after mc". I dread now being asked by those who know I had a mc if I am pregnant again yet.
    I am due to go away for a short break with OH on wed, so I am hoping it will help me get through the emotional rollercoaster.
    Good luck to those who are still on 2ww. Enjoy the half term!
  12. Thanks, hun. Nothing yet, but I feel like I'm about to come on [​IMG]
    Sorry it's BFN for you. Maybe you tested too early? I know it's really hard, but if you can wait till AF is due you might get a better result. Although I tens to get 'itchy' and test early aswell, but end up upset. Why do we do it to ourselves?
    Enjoy your few days away - it might be just the tonic x
  13. Thanks, hun. Nothing yet, but I feel like I'm about to come on [​IMG]
    Sorry it's BFN for you. Maybe you tested too early? I know it's really hard, but if you can wait till AF is due you might get a better result. Although I tens to get 'itchy' and test early aswell, but end up upset. Why do we do it to ourselves?
    Enjoy your few days away - it might be just the tonic x
  14. I was silly and tested this morning too even though got cramps and know AF is about to start. Boo hiss!!! Think I may have to get a puppy in the summer to make up for it. T xxx
  15. Well hope everyone is ok. Massive temp drop today and pre-AF cramps started so I'm guessing I'll be on CD1 by tomorrow. Good luck to those testing this week. On to cycle 23 & month 20 of TTC for me :-( x
  16. Hi leebees-we've been trying a similiar amount fo time......
  17. Hi Mariposa it's depressing waiting so long for something we want so badly. slight spotting now so think AF definitely will be in full force by morning. hope you are feeling a bit better now. Will be sobbing along to one born every minute later with hot water bottle. hugs L x
  18. Morning ladies.
    ((Hugs to those whose AF has started)) x x
    Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays? I've been away for a few days with friends, supposed to be ov'ing but forgot to take all my ttc paraphernalia with us!
    No ov sticks, GFJ, cough medicine or preseed!! So the month that we were throwing everything at ttc...we haven't thrown ANYTHING at it (apart from lots of dtd [​IMG]!) We kept trying to pop off to buy ov sticks...but whenever one of us saw a chemist and said.."Ah, just popping in here for drink/paracetamol/choc/newspaper"...one of the group said, "I'll come too I need drink/paracetamol/choc/newspaper"...!!!!!!!!
    So...not even sure if I've had the LH surge yet! Going on past cycles, I should have but....Aarrrggghhhhh!
    Sarah, hope your weekend went well and you weren't too lonely/sad. Big hugs lovely. x x
    antoniou...don't want to wish your holiday away but...HURRY BACK! I'm dying to know how things turned out! If you log on in NY (I had a little read when I was away[​IMG]) Hope you are having fun!
    Hope you're having fun too millie. Don't forget what you need to do when you get back!
    Now entering 2WW, the worst bit! Lots of love and luck to everyone. x x x
  19. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    Well af has turned up for me[​IMG] Got backache and cramps and some spotting. I'm guessing it will be in full flow tomorrow - just in time for our short break away! Typical!! Can't help feeling sad - was really hoping we would be lucky this month.
    Well here we go again with the ttc! Going to try and throw everything into it this month! (not that we didn't last month!)
    Good luck to those who are still in with a chance x x
  20. Hey ladies I need some advice.
    I've never been pregnant and know that symptoms can vary greatly, but for those who have been pregnant did you just feel weird? I'm probably clutching at straws but I just feel out of sorts generally, not ill, and my tummy is sore. Despite this my, ahem, libido is high [​IMG] and my boobs feel full but not sore.
    I normally test every so often as I don't have cycles to track or know when/even if I ovulate. This breaks my heart every time I have to do it so I try to put it off.
    Am I just being desperately delusional or have others felt this way? I know I could look on others threads but I just feel so sad when reading about those who are pregnant or have babies, not that I begrudge anyone their little miracle.

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