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Been TTC for ages!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Torri, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. (((((Pinkfairy))))) Don't really know what to say other than I hope you're wrong sand that you will get a chance to be a mummy soon xx
  2. I didn't find the HSG test that bad - weird, but not overly painful. It really was just like period pains afterwards. The oddest bit was the feeling of having your insides "filled up". Not painful. just really odd!!
  3. Well AF arrived yesterday, so now on cycle 14. Going to be brave and doc appt for after half term.
  4. Sorry AF has arrived for you Millie. I do think another visit to the GP is a good idea. I've never heard about making someone wait 18 months before, everything I've ever read always say after 12 months. Good luck x
  5. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    Sorry af has arrived Millie [​IMG]
    Fingers crossed for you antoniou - you have been so strong not testing yet!
    Well I am now 8dpo. I ovulated early this month by 2 days - but luckily opk's and temps helped me realise this. I am trying not to get my hopes up but it isn't that easy. We have done everything this month that we did the month we got pregnant - the rest is up to fate!
  6. So sorry Af arrived Millie, good idea about going to the docs. x x
    Bought some cough medicine today, adding this to the GFJ (ha ha mariposa!) and the preseed (only used this once a couple of cycles ago)...as OH and I have decided to throw everything at TTC this month!
    Also we're doing 'The Sperm Meets Egg Plan' this month...well....OH doesn't know we are, but I'm sure there'll be no complaints [​IMG] (Google it if you haven't heard of it...apparently it's meant to be good!)
    Good luck to all those testing /on 2WW etc etc. Love and stuff. Miss B x x x

  7. Hi can I join in? I've been reading TTC thread for a while but would feel more comfortable here. I am 34 and have been TTC for 20 months. I've had bloods and ultrasound - all fine and OH has had two SA tests - low end of 'normal' so we have been advised to keep trying until 2 year mark then go back for more in-depth tests. My doctor thinks it will 'just happen' and isn't concerned as I am ovulating and AF is regular. It's really getting us down now, Christmas was hard and I am off work with depression atm but due back after half term although dreading it.
    Sorry for long post just wanted to introduce myself. I am 6dpo today with a 12/13 day LP and also tried everything! GFJ, vitamins, preseed, SMEP etc etc. Jaded with it all now but glad I've found this thread. LB
  8. Thanks for starting this thread, it feels like one I can call home! Thanks for all of you posting your stories, may have brought a tear to my eye and it's so reassuring to know that what I'm feeling is normal.
    We started TTC just over a year ago, got BFP 4 months in, all seemed fine until 12 wk scan when discovered it was just an empty sac, so had to have 2 horrid procedures to get rid of the remains. W've been TTC sice then, I'd been hopeful it would happen quickly but no job. However, it seems like EVERY friend I have either has a toddler or baby or has become pg in the last year. I thought I had 2 friends my age who wouldn't be trying just yet but 1 told me on Friday that she's going to start tying and I just know it'll happen straight away fro her, the other friend rang me yesterday to tell me she's 20 wks pg! She's a lovely girl and I'm happy for her, but the unexpencted news knocked me for 6 and even though I congratulated her I couldn't help crying and she felt a bit guilty I think, esp as it was unplanned. It's just so hard seeing my friends esp in groups as all they ever talk about are babies and bumps and I feel so left out of it and it's a constant reminder that I can't have the one thing I yearn for...
    Also AF arrived yesterday so I think I'm feeling more teary and hormonal than most of the time anyway.
    Does anyone else wonder if teachers are perhaps more prone to fertility problems than pwomen in other careers? Just at my school of the 12 teachers 3 had to have IVF/adopt, plus 2 others had multiple mc's. Maybe due to the stress? Or perhaps it just seems that way because I mostly know teachers (apart from my circle of friends from school who all feel pg).
    Also, has anyone taken tabklets for anxiety or depression as a result of TTC? Sometimes I do worry about all the negative feeling I experience and how tearful I get, but don't know if any medications are even safe if TTC?
    Apologies if my post has been a bit too negative or depressing, I promise that in a couple of daysI'll be a bit m,ore cheerful and optimistic!
    Take care everyone.xx
  9. Hi Sarah
    I know how you feel with friends/colleagues and PGs etc. All my friends/sister have babies/toddlers and I'm the only one in my department of 7 who is not a parent. I was offered Citalopram (sp?) for my depression and told that it is the 'safest' of AD when TTC. However I haven't yet taken them yet as no AD is completely safe in early PG and I still cling to the hope that this will be my month! every month! I am having counselling instead for now. Its nice to know we are not alone but sad that fertility issues are so common in our profession.

    Hugs to those out this month and good luck Antoniou for a BFP tomorrow. LB x
  10. Welcome LeeBees and Sarah, looking forward to sharing your journeys. Hope your stay here is short and sweet. x x x
    Really looking forward to the first BFP on here! It makes it even more special knowing it's been a long time coming! Fingers crossed for everyone. x x x
    Anyone else trying anything different this month? I'm up for anything....within reason of course! [​IMG] x
  11. Also, just wanted to say sorry for the loss of your little one sarah. I remember your story and felt so sad for you. I wish you lots of love and luck for the future. x x
  12. Thanks for the reassuring comments about the Hycosy - tomorrow is the big day! You really have helped me feel a little less apprehensive about it all. I have had a very stressful week at work but the good thing about this (always trying to look for the positives!) is that I have been too caught up in work to worry too much about this procedure. I was worried it would be painful but you have reassured me on that score, discomfort I can deal with (!) the leaflet I was given recommends 2 paracetomol half an hour before my appointment so I will make sure I do that.
    Thanks again!
  13. Thanks for your kind words Miss Bangles.
    Different things this month- taking baby aspirin every day in case it was blood clotting etc that caused the mc, also evening primrose oil.
    I saw my lovely TA this evening (poor thing currently on sick leave), she has 5 grown up children so I naturally assumed she easily got pg each time but she took 18 months to get pg with her 1st one! That's given me a bit more hope! Hopefully once we manage to have our 1st bubs we'lll each be popping them out in a steady stream (if that's what we each hope for anyway, not sure I'd really want 5 but 5 is better than 0!)
  14. Another BFN this morning on a FRER test. Thought AF was on her way this morning as there was a tiny bit of re cm when I wiped, so wore a pad just in case. Have had nothing all day on pad or when I wipe, so I don't know what that was all about. I did have a bit of tugging pain on the right saide of my abdomen earlier, but I don't know if that's just wishful thinking.
    OH did say to me last night that the area around my nipples had got bogger (which got my hopes up), but they didn't look that way this morning. Why is this so hard? I'm not sure I can take anymore.
  15. Big hugs Antoniou. It's awful feeling like you're holding your breath willing AF away. Seeing the tiniest first bit of red cm (that prior to TTC I'm sure I'd never even have noticed!), clinging to hope that it's implantation bleeding, and the cramps are implantation not AF, it's a monthly experience I know well.
    I hope it does turn into what you hope for, but whatever happenes we're here to listen and sympathise. Take care. xx
  16. Thanks Sarah. It doesn't help when looking at other thrads and people are getting pg after only 2 months! What have I done wrong? Wouldn't I be a good mom? It just makes me want to scream with jealousy. I know it's not their fault, they were just very lucky, but every extra month is a month when I start to actually think something is wrong. And what if something is wrong, but it's something that can't be fixed?
  17. antoniou, sorry it was a bfn today, fingers crossed af stays away and you have better news later in the week. x x
    molly, how'd it go today? x x

  18. It doesn't help when looking at other thrads and people are getting pg after only 2 months!
    This kills me every day. You do not want to know what I could do to myself if I dwelled on this for too long. Why us?
  19. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Here here! I am getting increasingly close to the end of my rope with the whole darned thing! Af has begun to show properly after brown spotting. Of course, annoyingly that means I'm out as far as another month of getting my CD1-3 bloods done; I doubt I'll get seen in the morning (probably will get to school and completely forget to phone up) and then it's the weekend so another opportunity missed.
    Babies and bumps everywhere and I just want a lovely bump of my own. I want the backache and sickness and everything else. I may be wrong, but I feel that people who easily become pg maybe take it for granted a little and would be inclined to moan about the negatives. I say 'bring it on!'
  20. Very true in my experience too - a friend of mine is pregnant (in first month of trying) and she hasnt stopped complaining on a daily basis about her symptoms and how it's going to be detrimental to her career having to take time off to have the baby. I would absolutely love to be in her position, sickness and all and would give up my career in a heartbeat if it meant I could be a mummy!

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