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Been TTC for ages!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Torri, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. ((( ))) to all those who have lost their babies [​IMG]
  2. Hugs to you all from me too.
    14 months TTC for us. Unlikely to get a BFP this month as OH ahs more tests to do when we have our appointment at the fertility clinic, which means 2-4 days abstainence.... with OV due around 4 days before our appointment, Grrr!
  3. Thanks for the much needed hugs.
    I am trying to be positive and have just got a copy of 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility'. Also started charting today. I am so desperate to have a healthy pregnancy - in my womb next time please [​IMG]
    It's a huge book like a fertility bible! I need to read it cover to cover before we launch back into ttc in April. Has anyone else got the book? It has rave reviews on Amazon and I am feeling hopeful for a change.
    Hugs and baby dust. This is really strong baby dust today - I'm sure it will work for you! [​IMG]
  4. Hello sparklepixie, look forward to getting to know you, and hello to everyone else who I know already from ttc! x x
    millie, starting this thread has given me the kick up the b.um I needed, as today I have booked an appointment with the doctor. It's not for about 3 weeks or so (earliest they had!) but at least I'm doing something! Thank you millie. x
    Hugs to all those that need it, hearing of new pregnancies is hard. x x
    Much love and luck to all longtime ttcers, surely we deserve some bfps! Bring them on! x x x
    PS - I'm trying 'The sperm meets the egg' plan this month (yes...I am aware that that's what we are all aiming for!!!) seems to have good results though...... x x x

  5. Here, here! Unfortunately, my AF is due the day we fly out to NY so will be testing that morning if she hasn't arrived!
  6. Thanks for hugs and higs back to nan and FS. I want my baby back too :'''''''''' ( would have been due beginning of June. Friend is due same time so gonna be hard. Throwing every thibg at it this month - charting, CBFM, grapefruit juice (erghhhh!), evening p oil, pregnancare etc oh and that conceive plus stuff. 70 p cent of me knows it won't work as if I ovulate from left then it's game over anyway! But gotta try. Last month of clomid then first IVF tests......
  7. I ordered this when I started ttc and I loved it! I found it really opened my eyes up to how the female body works, and I couldn't believe how much stuff I hadn't known before. It made me wonder why we spent so much time labelling diagrams in biology class when this is the kind of stuff that they should be teaching girls. I am also a big fan of charting, the feeling of knowing and understanding what was happening and where I was gave me some control back at a time when I felt very confused.
    LMC - just wanted to say good luck with the tests. Also, don't give up on this cycle. I think I actually fell pregnant on the day of my OH's SA as he had just got his results, I came home and found EWCM and so dragged him into the bedroom... I know we were very lucky, but despite the abstinence beforehand and the fact he had already been 'busy' that day we still had a chance, and so will you.
  8. Fingers crossed for you antoniou. Hope your AF takes a long overdue holiday too!! x x
  9. Aw, thanks Miss B. How are you? Haven't heard off you in a while. Still a poas-aholic? [​IMG]
  10. Room for one more?
    We've been ttc for almost 2 years without success. The hospital won't investigate me until I've lost weight despite exiting issues.
    I have no baby to grieve and my heart goes out to each and every one of you. I do, however, grieve for all the time that has past that my husband isn't a father and that my parents don;t have another grandchild to love.
    Sorry to sound maudling but so many parts of my life are unsatisfied at the moment. Wushing you all well x
  11. Sorry for the typos, really need to check my posts [​IMG]
  12. Ha ha antoniou, even peeing on a stick has lost its sparkle!
    Been awol as needed to have a think about if we would continue with this stressful business! Only popped back on and noticed millie's new thread and thought, yep that's me!
    Already feel like I'm back obsessed again!!!!! Oh dear! [​IMG]
  13. Hey woo,
    Have you got much to lose? Don't you wish chocolate (or crisps, cheese, bread and wine in my case!) was calorie free??!!!
    I've not been dieting, but being 'good', if you get what I mean! Started exercising and have dropped my Xmas lbs...finally! No where near what I would like to be though really.....
    This is just as hard woo. Big hugs, hope things get moving for you soon. x x
    Wushing you well too [​IMG] (Hope I managed a little smile) x x x
  14. Ha ha ha! Yes you did! I'm waiting for the day when they declare chocolate as the ultimate super food [​IMG]
    Work is ***** at the moment as my heart isn't in it. I'm ok other than that.
    I have an awful lot to lose so drastic action is needed, as long as I'm losing I hope that the hospital can see my efforts.
    Thanks lovely xxx
  15. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    ((Woo)) I completely know what you mean and I haven't even been trying for as long as you. This should be an exciting time of our lives and yet it feels so stressful and unfulfilling.
  16. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    After four years I think I'm nearly at the end of my ttc journey, I just don't believe it will happen now. I am getting close to 40 now so time to quit soon.
    I think that move from normal ttc to starting to make doctors appointments, investigations is the most horrible bit as you have this awful mixture of hope and desperation. You still keep hoping this month will be the one, you start worrying it may never happen, you have to make decisions about going to doctor's etc.
    If you're considering IVF pop over to the fertility treatment thread. Everyone is really helpful on there. I didn't find IVF that bad - the worst part was waiting to see if it had worked and of course, realising that it hadn't. I'd advise any of you reading this to be open minded about it - it offers the possibility of pregnancy if you don't conceive naturally.
    Good luck to you all.
  17. I am so glad there are others feeling the same as me - although obviously it is kind of sad that there is so many of us!
    Hi sparklepixie, we have been ttc for a similar amount of time. It really takes over your life and also your brain so badly. I think if people on this thread get bfp's it will give me some hope, rather than make me envious.

    Miss B - now you are making me think I should be brave enough to go back to doctor and try to get tests sooner than 18 months of ttc. My OH thinks I should and has offered to come and support me. It's only 3 months since I last went and asked, but OH says I should tell GP how it's effecting me emotionally. Not very good about talking about emotions to be honest. Any advice? Should I go back or wait it out til May?
  18. Thanks for popping over and saying that Becky. I missed it before I posted, as on phone. I have been thinking that IVF might not be for us, but your post has made me realise that I probably need to learn more about it before making assumptions. Woo, sorry to hear you are feeling down, but don't apologise. I think lots if us need a thread where we can be self indulgent, maudlin, stressed etc without feeling bad. This is it! Xxx
  19. Help! I'm at the pub and a friend of a friend has brought along their four month old baby. I'm returning to work tomorrow so already stressed and upset. I've hidden in the ladies toilets to have a little cry. It's all too much! My counsellor suggested I try to hold a baby so perhaps this is my opportunity. I feel so sad again :eek:(
  20. FS, that's so hard. If you need a good cry, then have one. There's nothing wrong in that.
    I'm going to sound like a right b**ch, but I've just popped on to the Aututmn Babies thread and someone has just announced their pg (wonderful news I know), but I noticed that this poster started a thread a few weeks ago and that she was only on her second month ttc! I know it's not her fault, but I'm really jealou. It seems that all the newbies have got pregnant really quick and yet, here we all are, over a yr on for some of us, still waiting. [​IMG]

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