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Been TTC for ages!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Torri, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Spotting is still only very slight, but any spotting is usually a sign AF is an her way. So sorry the witch has got so many others.
  2. So sorry antoniou and congrats iac. I'm feeling utterly ****. Sis in law has just posted on fb about how she feels so broody with all the newborns around and how she'll start planning no. 3 next year. Thabks for that. So upset, crying. Why??? Should be 31 weeks today :(
  3. Thank you ita, I had treatment three years ago just as we were about to start ttc (after waiting aaaaages for "the time to be right". Literally was due to begin DTD without protection and bam, the letter came. So our journey hasn't been smooth from the start. I have had clear smears ever since, until this last one, which was the one before I was back onto three yearly ones. Someone up there has it in for me, I'm telling you. So I'm expecting a letter any day now telling me I'm back in for second treatment. I've already been told I've very little cervix left, so god knows what this will do to me, apart from diminish any hope of a successful pregnancy. Still. I've got to get pregnant first. So sorry mariposa, Antoniou and ita. It's just not fair. My period due at weekend and feeling like I've been run over by a truck. Forgot to take EPO this month and suffering for it! That'll teach me!
  4. Have just spent the last 15 minutes googling if antibioutics can make your LP langer! I took my last dose last Thursday, so I'm hoping it's not interefered, but the antibiotics I was given was one I've never heard of before, so am a little worried.
    Might poas when I get home.
  5. I caved and poas. BFN as expected. Spotting has increased slightly. Joy.
  6. eac902

    eac902 New commenter

    :( hopefully its still too early? Sorry x

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