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Been TTC for ages!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Torri, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Thanks Millie, I'm feeling ok just beginning to think I'll never get pregnant (which is silly as I KNOW it will happen) I have to keep telling myself that otherwise will feel really bad. As you say just want somewhere to have a moan. :( T xxx
  2. Hi Millie, sorry to hear you're down. Is it worth going to the doctors again, or seeing a different one? After a year off the pill (but I had only ttc for about 7 -10 months) I told the doctors that I had been ttc for a year, and he was ready to get the ball rolling. He asked me to go get a blood test, and asked me to get husband to go to the doctors to basically see if his sperm is ok by giving a sample. Anyway, ironically about a week later I got a BFP. What, i'm trying to say is though, if my doctor was ready to test me at a year of ttc, maybe you might want to go again to get the ball rolling too?
  3. I know what you mean about finding it tricky. I also am not sure how far down the intervention route OH and I would want to go. If we have an issue which can be 'fixed' relatively 'easily', obviously that would be something we would want, but we are not sure if it came to something like IVF if that would be a route we would choose. Which as you say, involves coming to terms with 'that's that then'. (I think you can use that 3 times if you want!) Life really is feeling like a pooburger right now!
  4. Sounds like the thread for me! We have been trying for 13 months now and it is so hard to live with the disappointment. Due to my age (37) my GP has already referred us to a specialist - but this has led to its own frustrations. This is the first time of trying for both of us. I have had all blood tests done - all fine. OH has done his tests - normal for his age, a multi-vitamin would help but no major issues. We are now waiting for a test to check my tubes - you have to phone up on a specific day in your cycle and the last 3 months I have phoned to be told they have no appointments left, argh, they only do these tests two days each week and they can only see 3 women each day. It feels like I am stuck and can't move on without this test (but of course I keep hoping I won't need it because next month might be our month).
    Meanwhile I am exercising and dieting and trying to get my weight down as I need to be below a certain weight/BMI if I need to be referred for IVF (I am not sure IVF is something I want to do but don't want to be told I can't have it if I do decide I want it - if that makes any sense). Also consultant said losing 5-10% of your body weight if you are overweight (or gaining that much if you are underweight) can kick start your fertility so I felt I had nothing to lose (except the weight!). It is a powerful incentive to eat carefully and do more exercise but hard when you are feeling so despondent and fed up and want a chocolate fix!
    In the time we have been trying a good friend has become pregnant and now had her beautiful baby boy and 4 staff at my school have announced pregnancies. It feels like fertility/infertility is taking over my life!
    BTW I am not a fan of grapefruit juice (unless it is the pink grapefruit variety) but I do find One Born Every Minute compulsive viewing - even though it makes me cry every week!
    Sorry to ramble on Millie, I feel like I am hijacking your thread - my apologies. x
  5. Oooh, sorry Dannii, crossed posts.
    I think my OH is going to see if his GP will do SA for him (we have different surgery) and then depending on the results of that I will go back. I saw GP after a year and he said because I was 'relatively young' (29) and normal BMI to give it another 6 months. I know the NICE guidelines say different, but if I go back now, just a couple of months after being told to give it longer, I think he will just say the same. Humph.
    Hey, this thread is already making me feel better in a therapeutic kind of way - thanks ladies!
  6. Do NOT apologise Molly, this not my thread, it's ours [​IMG] Ramble away!
    There are no less than 5 people pg at my school, which until it happens to you when ttc, I don't think everyone realises how difficult that can be (I certainly didn't) - I dread to think how many times a day my lack of pregnancy floats across my brain - it can't be healthy, but I can't stop it!
    I also do the pink grapefruit - is that the wrong one?! However, I can't watch one born every minute, find it too hard and jealousy-making.
    Nice, but sad at the same time to have you all reply to this thread tonight.
  7. May I join? Have been ttc for 11 months and still waiting for that illusive bfp! Each month I get more and more upset and can't understand why its taking this long. Have had bloods done and all good. OH has to go for SA next. It's really starting to get to me now.
  8. ((antoniou)) Of course join, feel free to moan, get cross, get upset, whatever you feel! I don't know why it is taking us so long antoniou, but it seems most unfair. I actually find myself wondering if someone somewhere thinks I will be a rubbish parent, and that's why I'm not getting pg. You're not alone lovely xx
  9. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Like Antoniou, I'm on 11th month of ttc (do you have a time-scale cut-off point for this thread??)
    Find the whole thing very frustrating and such a roller-coaster: for a while I'm positive and 'dead up for it' trying to turn on the charm (and oh!!), then feel hopeful for a while, (or sometimes frustrated if not enough dtd took place, resulting in resentment, tears and 'arguments' though not proper ones) along with the anxiety and excrutiation of symptom spotting! Then comes the blow when af arrives... rock bottom consider yourself hit. Then it's onto working back towards the fertile window again and it starts all over.
    I worry that I'm doing too much that could interfere with fertility: reflexology, essential oils, stressing. I also worry about what might never be and think maybe I'm not doing enough. I too work in a school where there are 4 (known) pg teachers and each time another is announced I have the whole thought process that I wish it was me, then 'hopefully I'll be next' and wouldn't it be funny to have so many of us with bumps, comparing notes etc.
    I am a pink grapefruit juice girl and actually find OJ too sweet now! I can see this being a good thread for me.

  10. Nope! I've been feeling all down and poo-ness since about month 9!
    Right there with you toe. Had to have month off regular dtd this month, to relieve that roller coaster cycle feeling.
  11. Glad to know I'm not alone. I've tried everything, to no avail: OPKs, BBT charting (this just confused me), grapefruit juice, folic acid, B complex supplements, conceive plus lube, even the 'relaxed' approach of not charting anything and just having fun. Total ****! I feel useless, that maybe we're not 'doing it' right [​IMG] I can't understand why no-one else in my family has had no trouble having babies, but I can't get there myself.
    Got sis-in-law coming for dinner on Sunday with her 3 kids, and she and her OH seem to think it's easy to get pg as she conceived fisrt time with all of hers! I've a good mind to throw her bloody pregnancy folder (which she gave to me a few months ago to read) at her when she comes round. If they ask my why we haven't had any kids yet (as her hubby likes to do) I'll scream!
  12. Can I join? Putting off getting out of bed so typing on the phone.....which means there'll be no paragraphs.

    So....my story, entering cycle 22 and it's coming up for 2 years soon. I thought it'd take 6 months max and feel terribly naïve and stupid really. We went to GP just before year mark and he sent DH for SA. It came back bad and GP told us we would need IVF without a doubt. Meanwhile I had bloods done and all OK. We had a post coital test done in the summer and the specialist said that DH's sperm looked fine. We fell pregnant naturally in Sept and I miscarried early October, day before my sister gave birth. Very sad time and still makes me cry. Since then I've had a lap and dye and that revealed sever endo which has made left tube practically useless so IVF is the way now. We've been referred and I'm on my last month of clomid. Still living in hope but it's a soul destroying process. Makes me so sad just reading it back and it feels like it's happening to somebody else.
  13. And so it begins.... symptom spotting! Always promise myself I won't, but something always happens that makes me think 'maybe....'
    So here we go: CD23, Very moody yesterday, ending up crying for no reason when I went o bed. Have woken up with a little cluster of spots on the right side of my chin.
    I have no idea how many DPO I am as OPK didn't show any surge on the 5 days I tested from CD16-20 and I didn't have time to buy another packet, so don't know if I missed it or I wasn't using the tests correctly.
    Oh dear, it's going to be a long 9 days. Oh, by the way, AF due the day we fly out to New York! AF on an 8hr flight - yuk!
  14. Can I join?
    I had an ectopic pregnancy last November and it was the most horrendous time of my life. I am still quite depressed and have avoided the original TTC thread as I can't deal with too much optimism! I miss my baby terribly and had surgery at six weeks. I lost my right Fallopian tube and hope desperately that my left tube is clear. I can't bear the thought of losing another baby.
    I am signed off work but returning next week. I am terribly jealous of other pregnant women although my counsellor assures me this is normal. I have made a small step though: now, instead of thinking "B**CH!!" when I see a pregnant woman I just think "lucky cow..." That's progress, isn't it?! (Apologies to any pregnant women reading this, it's nothing personal. I just wish I was still pregnant)
    I will be surrounded by pregnant women at work and am not looking forward to going back. I really, really want to hand in my notice next week and hide away forever more.
    Sorry to be so miserable, I am low today. I need sunshine! I will be ttc again April onwards and would like to wish baby dust to all xxx
  15. Hey foundation stage, I felt the same after Christmas, not wanting to go back and see the little bumps developing, just wanting to hide away. I think b**** to lucky cow is excellent progress! I sometimes have to leave the office or staffroom when the baby talk starts - the fact that it actually upsets me suggests that this whole ttc thing is really getting to me. I am also getting cross and stressed over relatively small things at work, which I never used to do. I get what you say about handling optimism too. It's nice to sound off without worrying about bringing down the atmosphere.

    Mariposa, do you just wish you could wake up and it's all been a dream and it wasn't you? That's how I feel. I also thought 5, 6 months and we would be pg. Feel pretty naive now!
  16. Hi! Can I join you too please? I've been reading the TTC thread for ages but never quite got up courage to post. Then felt that I'd left it too long. Been TTC since Dec 09 without a hint of a BFP. Can't believe how much the whole thing has taken over my life! Have times when I feel really positive but then others when I feel it'll never happen! Love the idea of this thread for the slightly disillusioned!
  17. Millie - yep, forget it's actually happening sometimes. Other day on TV there was something on about IVF and I was like "god how sad...." And then thought "we're actually worse off than them" I do actually genuinely forget it's been this long. Coping mechanism. Also pine for my baby.....would be 22 weeks now.
  18. I'm pining for my baby too and would have been 17 weeks pregnant. Urgh, what a miserable day. I'm gaining weight at the rate of the third trimester due to comfort eating! My due date would have been around 19th July. I want my baby back :eek:(
  19. Someone else at worked announced she is 3 months pg today - and she only came back oof mat leave in April! So unfair [​IMG]
  20. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    I would have been 16 weeks by now. It is so unfair. Big hugs to FS and Mariposa (( )) [​IMG]

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