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been off 3 months....

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by chantillycream, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. I am in exactly the same situation - I had corrective surgery to my foot and have been off since before Christmas- like you I have really enjoyed getting the 'Life' bit back in the work/ life balance and have appreciated my family and friends. I am going to call into work next week to touch base but am dreading that all consuming pressure of trying to get everything done when I eventually do return. . I would love to hang onto this unstressed calm feeling I have now ......any ideas anyone????
  2. In a way i am worried about my return, things that may have changed, expectations of my that may be too high, being told i am not to do certain things, being told i am to do certain things. My mum funnily enough said "well you have had enough time off so it won't matter if you have to stay later" and i though "i don't bloody want to." to clarify i do love my job but have realised its importance in the grand scheme of things.
    i havent done a great deal in work life balance, just simple stuff like a meal in the week with OH, no planning at weekend and seeing more or relatives and their kids. really not looking forward to leaving at 8 and coming in at 6.

  3. This might be the time for a complete rethink. In previous threads you have expressed a lot of anxiety about returning to work and your colleagues attitude towards you. It sounds as though you are not ready to return to the same environment, nor it must be said, do you seem to have achieved a work/life balance. I am not unsympathetic to your feelings KP, but this is another plea for sympathy; there have been several others and each time people come on here to help you and then you disappear until the next time you need a boost.
    If you feel that bad about going back - don't. Look for another job, one with shorter hours or even go part-time.
    I do wish you luck
  4. I also went off for 2.5 months - and then never went back! I just decided I didn't want to after all. Best decision I've ever made! Got my life back, too!
  5. i'm not here to gain sympathy from people, i'm just not a regular poster. i can't afford less hours or to have a different job imediatley as they are few and far between.
    what i do know is that i don't miss work as much as i thought i would and feel more anxious about a return than excited. i just don't have much attachment from not being there. I can't say i have work life balance now but this has made me think about what it actually means and how i can change it. I won't be staying late regularly and i won't be planning through the weekend afternoons either. If it doesn't get done it isn't my responsibility (it actually isn't) and most of the stuff i was doing was extra to meet my own standards.
    With regards to going back what should i expect?
  6. NQT to be

    NQT to be New commenter

    Hoodedbrowser, You have expressed very clearly exactly how I feel. Thank you for making me feel not alone x
  7. I'm not sure what you should expect as what you expect isn't always what happens. I can only speak from my own experience. I was really anxious about going back, even though my school have been really supportive. All the questions and worries were constantly going round my head - what if I'm not up to the job any more?/ What if I can't manage?/ even, Am I really ill or is this some sort of stress/work avoidance (even though I actually KNEW I was ill)
    At one point, I was ready to resign and go on supply, even if it meant I had to move back to my mam's as I would never be able to afford to do supply on my own (I'm 36 so no easy decision!). I am still not ruling out part time as I simply don't know if my health will allow full time in the long term.
    I am so pleased I am back at work though and although it was really tough at the beginning of the phased return, I am really enjoying teaching again. I think making a conscious effort to ensure I have a work life balance i.e. settling for NOT being a perfectionist / NOT taking on extras has brought the parts of the job I love back into focus.
    IMHO I think that you should try not to look too far ahead, don't make any rash decisions and see how things go for a while. Stressing about the endless possibilities is detrimental. Nothing is set in stone and you can always reassess your situation.
    Good Luck
  8. Thanks hoodedbrowser.
    i'm back at the hospital next week so i hope that they say i can go back to work to some extent soon.
  9. Nevermind, yesterday afternoon i fell and since have found it painful to walk unaided. Im resting it today and using both crutches. i have the hospital on tuesday again so if i still am having trouble will tell them all about it. i have probably set myself back now. i am really gutted and worried. I didnt sleep at all last night and just sat thinking about it,worrying that i will be off 12 weeks again. at one point OH woke up and asked why we were holding hands. Infact earlier i was helping OH with some ebay labels and almost fell asleep writing one.
    Just hope it gets better on its own soon.
  10. KP you really need to get lots of proper rest and follow the hospital/physio guidance. If you overdo things you can cause yourself some really serious long term damage.

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