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Been asked to teach CS next year - where to start

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by deselby, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. deselby

    deselby New commenter

    Good afternoon.

    So, I'm a maths specialist, still teaching Maths, but have been asked to add an option subject as well. Gave a list of subjects that contributed to progress 8 and Computer Science - which I studied at A-Level 15 years ago - came out on top.

    I'm looking to get a bit of a head-start and get my head round the curriculum and identify anything that I'm not fluent in at the moment and work at it over the weekends. Also, I'd like to get a quality body of existing lessons and schemes that I can adapt for my own students. Now I know in the world of Maths, there are a number of websites that collect/review high-quality resources (e.g. resourceaholic.com), and I'm wondering if something similar exists for Computer Science? From my Google-Fu, I came across computerscienceuk.com which charges £99 per year for lesson plans/workbooks - if that is any good, I'll happily 'have a word' with the head here to allocate some funds, but I don't necessarily have the syllabus expertise to assess its usefulness. I realise that the syllabus is still in its (relative) infancy, but are there any sites/blogs that you can particularly recommend for collaborators/resources/discussing best-practice?

    Any other tips, people to follow on Twitter, sites or pleas not to do it will be taken kindly. Thanks for reading.
  2. SCAW12

    SCAW12 Occasional commenter

    Join Computing At Schools and the Facebook GCSE Computer Science group. ZigZag resources are good too.
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  3. deselby

    deselby New commenter

    Thank you. Requested Membership of CAS, joined the FB group and will have a look at ZigZag over the week.
    BTW, I've perused the specifications from the various exam boards. Is there any consensus on what the best board to go with would be? Best for support/resources, any differences in content/approach etc?
  4. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    I would move schools. You are not qualified to teach this subject beyond KS3 and it’s irresponsible for you to be asked to. From your point of view, this will take up a lot of your free time in school, and a lot more of your free time out of it.
  5. install

    install Star commenter

    Go for it.

    Enjoy the opportunity and prove that you can do it. Start networking,.checking the relevant Exam Boards and going on the training. Look at the budget you will need - and do a dummy test full Exam early yourself to find out the potential pitfalls. Your school clearly knows how great you will be. :)
  6. dalersmith

    dalersmith Occasional commenter

    You could try CraigNDave, they provide both free videos on all topics, GCSE and A Level, and a subscription service that provides workbooks and assessments. If you want to spend more than say £100 then PG Online have some excellent resources. Myself I use a range resources from, CraigNDave, TES, CAS amongst others, all have some good bits and bad bits, the good bits I use and the bad bits I improve.
  7. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    As you don't have CS beyond A-level you will be elligible for the bursaries on the NCCE courses, which will hopefully cover someone to cover you our of class. Have a look at what ones are available near you here:
  8. uselessnerdII

    uselessnerdII New commenter

  9. JaquesJaquesLiverot

    JaquesJaquesLiverot Established commenter

  10. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

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