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Beef without cows?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by modelmaker, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

  2. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    An interesting article.
    I think I would rather encourage people to eat more veggie meals - and then enjoy a little 'real' meat from time to time.
    Practically however, I can't see that happening. people are going to demand their meat - at least twice a day in my brother's case, preferably three times! (He enjoys my veggie bake but likes a couple of thick sausages with it!)
    And would this test-tube meat be any worse than the chemically removed ersatz-meat in cheap nuggets and burgers?
  3. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I'd just be worrried it wouldn't taste of anything, with no real exercise (other than the faked exercise mentioned in the book, and also the lack of real food that can make such a difference. Pastured cows do taste so much better than grain-fed ones.
  4. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    Thankfully, it's unlikely to be perfected within my lifetime, but it goes to show the extent they will go to to produce synthetic food. I think it's more proof that I was born at the right time, that is, in addition to being born after penicillin was discovered and sowing my wild oats before AIDS.
  5. the evil tokoloshe

    the evil tokoloshe New commenter

    Two words:
    Soylent Green
    A much simpler and more cost effective option which would ultimately save the planet through reduction of over population, and provision of a food source for the rest of humankind.......[​IMG]
  6. That and Logan's Run came to mind when I read this.... speed up the reductive process.

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