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BEd Primary Education Dissertation Help/EAL

Discussion in 'Primary' started by LauraPearceKP, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. LauraPearceKP

    LauraPearceKP New commenter

    PLEASE HELP! I am currently a 3rd Year BEd student at Plymouth University and I am writing my extended essay/thesis on supporting children with English as an Additional Langauge (EAL) in primary geography. My main research question is "which teaching approaches are the most effective for scaffolding EAL learners within primary geography enquiries?" and my research investigates specifically:
    What is the effect of collaborative learning in supporting EAL learners within geographical enquiries?
    What is the effect of drama/speaking and listening in supporting EAL learners within geographical enquiries?
    What is the effect of books in supporting EAL learners within geographical enquiries?
    I need to conduct short 20 minute interviews based around teacher's perceptions of the effectiveness of the three different approaches. These can be conducted over Skype at any time that is convenient for you! I would be so incredibly grateful for any contribution!
    Please message me if you are interested or even have any ideas! Thank you in advance my email address is laura.pearce-3@students.plymouth.ac.uk
  2. Dreimire

    Dreimire New commenter

    Hi Laura,
    Finally, I have found a place where I can make a useful contribution, I hope.
    I have sent you a pm in relation to your enquiry.
    Even though your enquiry is neutral I would advise you to use a more cryptic moniker as others on this forum would always advise too.
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