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Becoming worried

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Fletch107, May 16, 2011.

  1. Through a recruitment agency I have applied for a teaching position in a private company .
    I was interviewed two weeks ago and was informed on Thurs that I was the preferred candidate [​IMG] Before this point they always called when they said they would and always returned my calls. Now they're ignoring me -I've left two messages one on Friday and one today just asking if they'd heard anything.
    What do you guys think? My gut feeling is the job has gone and they don't want to tell me but surely they'd send me an email explaining this [​IMG]

  2. As they say....no news is good news.They are probably awaiting confirmation themselves and the paperwork signed off by the boss who might not yet have done it. Very odd that you have not spoken directly to the person concerned if you are having to leave messages.! You may well get something in the post by way of confirmation if they are going to definitely offer you the job. Be patient ....yes it is very frustrating.You could drop them an email tomorrow if you receive no word by telephone or post ,after all until you receive and accept any offer you are still on the job market. Best of luck !
  3. Indeed. That's what worrying me as they'd always been really good at communicating before.
    Apart from this there isn't anything coming up in the areas that I want to work in so fingers crossed I get some good news soon.


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