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becoming an OFSTED inspector

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by leavinglondon, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Is there any OFSTED inspector lazing around on this thread? What are the essential skills and experiences needed to be an OFSTED inspector?
  2. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Not sure where this is going or what constitutes 'lazing around on the thread'.. but all the same
    Look in the TES- Ofsted webstie
    Fill in the application - as with most its tiresome
    Get selected for assessment centre
    Good teaching experience, although several do not have degrees and some were not managers
    Good with data
    Able to focus on key issues that affect the learner
    Not hung up on single issues/agendas
    Good interpersonal skills (i know i know!)
    Able to write in judgemental terms (which you learn to develop)
    Committed to learning and achievement of people
    Empathy (but not too much) with teachers
    Resiliance and sense of humour
    Ability to accept that, what you first though was an issue is not and you were wrong

    Are you asking because you want to be one, or to take the p***?
  3. zinzan I am dead serious. Cant seem to see the application area you mentioned in your response. Are you an inspector yourself?
  4. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Part time (AI) for post 16 (14). Some inspections are sub contracted to agencies like Nord Anglia. others direct by Ofsted Learning and Skills division.

    Depending on your sector/specialism you may need to approach an agency who work on behalf of Ofsted. I know there's some re-tendering going on at the moment. Id say an hour on the internet would get you in touch with several agencies.

    Try the link and subscribe to the alerts (goes to Google rather than Ofsted then follow top option). Best staff development you can get

  5. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    The "working for Ofsted" option on Google (2nd one down on mine) actually looks more helpful, It gives some of the agency details
  6. Thanks again zinzan. I have registered my details in one of those links but just got the feeling that it will just be one of those forms that will probably be ignored. How did you go about becoming an AI? Do they have telephone contacts? Would feel better doing that. Do you have any specific skills that assisted your application?
  7. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Which sector(age group)would you be interested in working in?. I may be able to give some better pointers
  8. I am teaching in the primary sector. WHy not email me so that we could talk a bit more about this simply because I do not want to be ??ostracised?? by my colleages on this site. Afterall, very little good can be said about OFSTED inspectors.
  9. I was informed the criteria for an Ofsted inspector (HMI) is usually to have been a head/deputy teacher of a school.
    To be a Child Care Inspector you would need a degree relating to education/childcare/health and relevant experience with children.

    I am not sure of the criteria for additional inspectors but if you keep an eye on the Ofsted website they tend to come up quite often.
  10. misscare

    misscare New commenter


    Yes did you get anywhere with applying to be an OFSTED inspector. I am keen to look in to this too. How did you do this?
    I have signed up for the email alerts on the OFSTED web site to be kept up to date with vacancies. No news yet and no vacancies from what I can gather.

    I can't find the application form you fill in that you talk about? How and where did you do that? any pointers as to how to apply to be an OFSTED inspector would be great..... thanks....very much...
  11. Same experience here MISSCARE. The only light in the tunnel initially, was zinzan who has now gone quiet. Well sad really.
  12. Given the number of hostile postings about Ofsted, has no-one noticed the irony of a teacher here asking other teachers here about how they could become an Ofsted inspector?

    These feels like the professional equivalent of penis-envy.
  13. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Still here and thinking about how to help but Oftsed for full-time or agency for pt still seem to be the best options -where's Selwyn gone lately anyway?

    Not all the postings are hostile although I concede a lot are. Merely having the heading is probably more likely to attract negative comments

    Will keep thinking and asking Z
  14. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Blimey, penis-envy at 05.46. Some night!
  15. misscare

    misscare New commenter

    Hi leaving london and zinzan
    ( I agree its too early for that my goodness me...)

    well thank -you for your comments leaving london and zinzan.
    i am genuinely interested in this. if anybody has any ideas as to how you apply or if you find anything out, or any contacts that would be so great.

    I am a head of year for 270 pupils at a secondary school added whole school responsibility doing a masters in leadership and managing change so thats where it all comes from for me. .....

    hope to hear from someone soon.

  16. I know a few Oftsed inspectors.

    There is a lot of confusion about what being an Ofsted inspecor involves. There are two sorts of 'Ofsted inspector':
    HMI are directly employed by Ofsted (some might say that HMI are Ofsted). Their appointment is usually via interview following an advertisement to recruit HMI. They work full time for Ofsted. They have a variety of work, including leading school inspections, inspecting subjects and aspects, conducting annual performance assessments for local authorities, inspecting teacher training, conducting specific surveys on current issues, advising the DCSF, writing reports for publication, conducting quality assurance of inspections, investigating complaints about inspections etc etc.
    HMI are drawn from many parts of the education sector. Many have had senior responsibility in schools or colleges, but I know of some who became HMI from head of department level at asecondary school. The new HMI pay structure means that most secondary heads would have to take a substantial pay cut. Previously they could negotiate an individual package.

    The other type of Ofsted inspector is the'additional inspector'. These are employed either fulltiime or part tme, by regional inspection providers and in some casesare directly contracted by Ofsted for survey work. They are team membersand occasionally lead inspectors at secondary level and the lead most primary school inspections. Many people are AIs in addition to a full time job as a senior manager in a school or a LA adviser.

    To become an HMI, you will need to show that you can think for yourself as well as work to specific criteria. You will have considerable analytic powers and won't easily have the wool pulled over your eyes. You will probably be a bit unusual. The chances are that you are not simply a run-of-the-mill teacher.
  17. Subjectknowledge thanks for such a profound response. A lot to think over before bedtime : )
  18. Any agency that accepts head teachers who drag schools INTO special measures is not one that should be given much credibility.

    A head teacher I know well was accepted as an Offal inspector. That head had been a real bully who drove out all the good teachers in a school (ego problems - - HAD to be the best and horror of horrors if a teacher got a good or better rating from any outsider!). She essentially caused it to go into special measures.

    I noticed the self-same inspector now is in charge of another school (god help them) which recently got a good ofsted. Have seen ads for staff for italready - probably the best of the best leaving for safer and more pleasant pastures....
    hhhh likes this.
  19. misscare

    misscare New commenter


    would really appreciate some positive comments or pointers on how we can get to become inspectors?



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