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Becoming a Media teacher

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by gdj, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Hi pinkylulu!...
    I know this comment is a good few years old now but was wondering if you might help me.
    I've been thinking of becoming a media teacher for a while now. And was wondering if there are easier routes.
    I've completed an Ma from Goldsmiths in Image and Communication concentrating on digital media such as photography, video production, post production, web design, audio design and interactivity. After I completed my masters I did a City and Guilds PTTLs teacher training course where I specialised in teaching Media... before all of this I worked in Theatre mainly in the design and construction of sets and the installation of AV such as projectors and video installation.
    I am a freelance photographer and work for a post production house in Soho in London, where I also teach basic photography classes to community outreach.
    I have been using a mac for the last 10 years and am proficient in troubleshooting IT problems as well as software and hardware issues.
    I was wondering if with all this experience behind me...where can I go?
    I know I can only continue my CTTL's and DTTLs training if I approach a college and they are willing to take me on...as of yet this hasnt happened so am kind of stuck...any info would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks for all your help


  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I moved into Media teaching from (believe it or not) IT and Business Education, eventually becoming Head of subject in a Media specialist school. There were no Media specialists in my team, they were all IT teachers, which was very handy for developing and running multimedia work schemes, as we all had computer rooms available.

    It was my favourite subject of the half dozen or so I've taught to exam level, mainly because I had a pretty free hand in what I taught at KS3&4. If you've got the resources it's fun to work with.

    The main drawbacks are popular misconceptions about the course out there in the wider world which leave many schools shovelling less able children into it, the arrival of the eBacc which will diminish KS4 Media take up, and **** backwards tripe like the Level 2 Diploma getting in the way of running good solid GCSE courses.
  3. Look into the Central School of Speech and Drama Media PGCE. I think there might be the odd other one about but they may be with English or Drama. Other than that you could try and persuade a school to take you on on the GTP if that's still running.
  4. Getting a GTP place might prove hard as the universities offering them are concentrating on core subjects. Well they have to do as their instructed and we all know creativity isn't in a tory remit.

    I helped interview 4 candidates for 2 media posts but in the end funding was withdrawn in favour of core.

    It looks like going in as an English teacher and get in the media dept that way.

    Good luck
  5. Hello,

    I saw your post and was wondering if you could help me out.
    My partner is looking into teaching and would want to teach media. He has recently graduated from university with a 2.1 in media production. I read your post and saw you were head of dept at a media school. I would love to know more information. If you could get back to me i would thoroughly appreciate it.

    all the best

  6. True! But I've come through a similar route from Art and Design. I still teach Art, but do a lot of KS4 Media and I absolutely love it! It's skills, knowledge, understanding, language, visual culture, all in one discipline/subject. We teach photography, video/film, and all the research and analysis stuff. Media has got to be the best subject in my opinion. I think it should be compulsory at KS3.
  7. Hi I did want to become a primary teacher originally, but working with young kids is not for me...i really enjoy media studies and would love to teach that, i have recently graduated in Education and Media studies with a 2:2. would you be able to give some advice as to what I can do next

    Thank You

    Anita Dhiraj
  8. Hi
    I dm just finishing up my BA in a multi media degree NO education credits. What would I need to get a tv production : media type job in a middle school preferably. Maybe an online post grad degree of sorts. ?? That allows me to teach officially or do they still do alternative route?
  9. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    Either a 1 year PGCE course (not done online, done in person, part time at uni and part time on placement in schools, adding up to full time altogether), OR an on the job teaching qualification offered by some schools such as Teach First etc.

    Either way it has to result in something called QTS (Qualified teacher status) if you want to teach any subject in school. If you are hoping to teach Media you should be looking for a PGCE in Media Studies but don't hold your breath as they are becoming increasingly rare. Most likely the courses now are things like PGCE in English AND Media.

    Either way, no matter what subject/s you get your QTS in, you need to be aware that once qualified, schools can ask you to teach ANY subject. And Media teachers often end up teaching other subjects too such as English, Art, Citizenship, RE, Drama etc to fill up their timetable. And as a Media teacher they would expect you to teach a whole range of media topics, not just TV production so you would likely end up covering radio, film, advertising, newspapers, magazines etc too.
  10. AngelaPowers

    AngelaPowers New commenter

    Hi pinky lulu, I start teacher training (English) with a School Direct in September, but I'd like to teach media studies too. I have 30 years experience in newspapers and television (journalist and presenter), and my degree is Language Studies (English and French). Is there an add-on course I can take to prepare me to teach media studies as well as English?
  11. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    I am not aware of any 'add on' courses, but when you start your teacher training, you could tell them you are interested in learning how to teach media too and ask if it is possible to sit in on some media lessons, or have some media lessons on your timetable, even if its team teaching. Alternatively, once teaching at the school, make friends with the media studies teachers / department there and ask them if you can spend some time in their department after school or in your free periods and learn how to use the equipment etc. Most will be more than happy to help.

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