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Becoming a Math FE lecturer (SOME GUIDANCE PLEASE)

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by zcesf23, Oct 8, 2019.



Poll closed Jan 6, 2020.

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  1. zcesf23

    zcesf23 New commenter

    Hi there. I am an industry leaver leaving an engineering role having become fed up with the industry, I am looking to take up a position teaching Maths in a further education college.

    I hold a secondary maths PGCE and have been offered a position at a local FE college. I enjoy pastoral elements of the job, building a rapport and helping people achieve.I'd technically be joining as an NQT.

    Are they any maths FE lecturers here that can share their experience and perhaps help with the following queries?

    · How does teaching math at FE level compare to teaching at secondary. What is your preference? In what ways is it better or worse.

    · In my personal experience at a boys school behaviour of students in KS3/KS4 was so bad, with no respect for teachers, and no support from management team. Is behaviour at college generally an issue.

    · Do you enjoy it? What do you like about it?

    · Do you have any tips for efficient lesson planning? I have 24 contact hours, approximately with 2-hour lessons I need to plan 12 lessons a week. KS4 is usually 1 hour lessons. How would you structure lessons?

    · What are your general work hours? I know the stated 36-hour work week is not realistic. Can a 40/45hr work week be achieved?

    · I’m not averse to hard work, but do you feel burn out? Is the profession sustainable

    · Do you have any tips for survival and not getting overwhelmed? And doing the role well?

    · What kind of progressions can lecturers expect, the max pay at my college is £38.5K for math lecturers, what kind of leadership opportunities are there?
    -Are there any support systems at your college that support NQTS?

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