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becoming a lecturer

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by ciarasull, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. hey im a PE teacher in london and have been for the past 4 years.. im getting itchy feet at the mo and want to move on and to higher roles.. not interested in HOD.. ive trained in ireland and thinkin of becomin a lecturer.. can anyone shed some light on what i need to do.. am totally clueless.. ahve a meeting with the trainin school later in the week but would love ppls advice?? do i need a masters, PHD etc ?? once again.. totally clueless
  2. A lecturer in Higher Education? University? In your subject or just in 'education'?
    Most lecturers in HE are expected to maintain a profile of research so a PhD is the minimum together with some post-doctoral research before applying for a lectureship. I am currently on sabbatical from teaching working as a lecturer and teacher fellow. I was able to gain the sabbatical because I already had a PhD in my subject. There are teaching only posts in universities but they also require you to be educated to PhD.
    The other possibility is to move into teacher training, I would suggest having a chat wth any of the visiting tutors who supervise PGCE students for advice on how to move in that direction.
  3. Lecturers in teacher training are also usually required to have a minimum of a Masters degree, usually a PhD.
    Link tutors are often retired or part time teachers and headteachers but often this is paid on a hourly basis, when school placements are ongoing.

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