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Discussion in 'Music' started by taffymatty, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. I am writing a SoW based on vocal stuff, Honda car add and all that. I want to do some beatboxing as part of it, does anyone have any resources or ideas relating to beatboxing?
  2. I am writing a SoW based on vocal stuff, Honda car add and all that. I want to do some beatboxing as part of it, does anyone have any resources or ideas relating to beatboxing?
  3. nick drake

    nick drake New commenter

    You can actually buy the sheet music to the original Honda advert!!!

    It's called:
    Honda Civic 'Choir' (for large mixed voice choir)

    Composed and arranged by Steve Sidwell

    Published by Chester Music

    It's only about 8 pages long and printed in paper so shouldn't cost too much.... It gives ALL directions - including 'bounce on toes' etc

    At least it could give you a few ideas for extension work....

    Also look for Killa Kella (sp?) clips - possibly on youtube... he's the guy from the rowntrees fruit pastille advert who is a genius beatboxer
  4. I know thanks, I have got it,
  5. Have you ever heard Rahzel? He is an amazing beat boxer. He can sing a melody with bass and beats simultaneously. Check him out on Youtube singing 'If your mother only knew'.

    Also, Bjork did an album a few years ago with no instrumental accompaniment - just beatboxers, which might be worth checking out too.
  6. thanks, i will look into these, i have found a website that does lessons, its great


    if anyone wants to use it
  7. casper

    casper New commenter

    Did you see the choir last week and the brilliant rendition of Stand by me?
  8. I have a copy of Learn to Beatbox - Volume 1 by TyTe (I think it's available at www.humanbeatbox.com - but mine is a signed copy from the man himself)The kids love it and it's a great mix of how to clips and some great beatboxing in action. I also have a DVD of the honda car ad and a short documentary of how it was made. I got this by going into my local Honda garage when the ad first came out.
  9. HI Taffymatty

    I found humanbeatbox.com really good when I was formulating a scheme of work - I have some resources which I can share if you leave me an email address - yu've shared stuff with me in the past

  10. myrtle

    myrtle Occasional commenter

    I love beatbox, anyone done it in primary?
  11. Hi Teacherjen,

    Would you be so kind as to share your Beatboxing resources with me also? I know it's really cheeky but happy to help if I can be of any assistance to you??

    Thanks in advance
  12. taffymatty and makethemusicnow - you have mail.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  14. lesleyanne, i sent it to you
  15. I'm jumping on the bandwagon, any chance teacherjen or taffymatty that you would send this to me?

    Thanks in advance



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