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Be Real Game/Real Game

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by fella, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. fella

    fella New commenter

    I have tried searching previous threads and i can see there has been some discussion of these matters before.
    I am a newly appointed careers coordinator for our school. I am keen to develope new ways and more interesting ways of implementing CEG in our school. I have been considering using the Real game and Be real Game resources.
    We do actually have the be real game resources that i am old we used about 5 or 6 years ago at our school. This was done at the time as a 'be real day'. Obvioulsy we may need to update the reosurces but does anyone have any advice or experiences to share about using the be real game? I have been reading some threads about 'PSHE days' and i can see that there are pros and cons. We do actually have timetabled slots for PSHE delivery right through KS3 and KS4 at our school and i know that PSHE is about much more than just CEG, but from what i have read the be real game ticks lots of boxes for the delivery of KS4 PSHE and Citizenship as well as obviously CEG and Enterprise education, etc.
    Can anyone advise me how best to go about implementing the be real game? Does anyone base a SOW on this? We are changing our PSHE set-up this year so that each year group pastoral leader is responsible for its co-ordination so i am guessing they would welcome some structured input.

    Also i would like advice on the 'Real Game'. How best to use, should i use?
    We have limited ICT facilities in the school so timetabling PSHE lessons in a regular slot could be difficult. I know there is an option to use just the printed resources and projector, etc. I know this would be much easier to implement at our school, but is it actaully any good? Again all advice and comments are welcome please. All PSHE is taught at our school by non-specialist teachers so again i am hoping this kind of approach would be welcomed. Perhap sfor year 8 only, could it work for a whole years teaching ( 1 hour per week)? Or again is it something best approached on a 1 day activity basis?
    I know i ramble on, sorry. I just need some advice,.

    Many thanks.
  2. do as a 6 week course in Y8. make a booklet of the sheets you need for the kids cos easier to manage. plastic wallets for each kid and a 50p sized piece of blutac per kid. i do have LPs and SOW but they need updating and its at school and i am not......
  3. ps the kids love it
  4. I have made some ppts that go with an edited version of the Real Game, emal me if you want them (remind me what it is you want though):

  5. fella

    fella New commenter

    Sory to re-start this old thread again, bu i finally have some light at the end of the tunnel and think i may be able to do this thing. Ezzy if i email you again could you send/re-send your ppts?

    Anyone else with hints or advice on running a real game day would be most welcome.

  6. fella

    fella New commenter

    Thanks everyone for helpful hints and tips.
    Ran the day and it went fairly smoothly, except for blutac shortage!! I think will run over a course of lessons next year though to releive stress!!

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