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Be honest now but what is the most challenging maths work you have given your more able pupils this year?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Son of a Parson, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. If you followed that daft profile, any higher achiever would be bored senseless.
  2. If you followed that daft profile, any higher achiever would be bored senseless.
  3. i've done tens and unit and this week making 3D shapes from polydron whilst discussing features like corners and sides (2d) and edges, faces and vertices (3d).
    and then cos they found that easy we worked on maing their own net for a cube. which they found harder but understood by the end of the lesson. one girl then went and made a net for a pyramid out of polydron.

    I'm numeracy coordinator for the school. and am trying to lead in high expectations for the school. if your school had a sublevel grid for numeracy use that from children achieving 8 or 9 already.
    if not just plan from the yr1 curriculum

    I'll try and find my electronic copy if u want it.
    just leave ure email.
  4. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    using a 100 square with numbers hidden, children naming the hidden number

    adding two sets of numbers together to find the total amount and recording amount

    finding one more 1 less from numbers 1-20

    identifying properties for 3D shape.........describing 3D shape to others to name

    very able: counting in 2's, 10's 2 x table and higher number calculations

    challanging problem solving activities
  5. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    should also say that I totally agree with your comment on the profile, most of our children achieve the ELG's well before entering reception
    (not just high achievers)

    I then use yr1 which half the steps and stones relate/are the same as anyway.

    But this is not continued in our reception where they go back to meeting the FS objectives.
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    But NO ONE should be planning from the profile anyway.
  7. Interesting point about the MD profile though- it is so much easier that CLL profile for most children.

    I am interested as to why this anomaly came about ?
  8. nor does anyone have to plan from the priamary framework since it isn't statutory.

    the EYFS is our official government guidence which doesn't have any framework set out but instead a set of goals to guide curriculum.

    we use the framework loosly in my school, adapting it where we feel necessary.

    schools need to take control to teach what their children need class by class.
  9. In a mixed R/1 class, all but my SEN children are working on Yr1 objectives in a practical way, the differentiation is by activity rather than outcome. Do you understand what the profile is SOAP? You do not teach to it, you teach to the children's abilities, just as you do with children not in a Reception class.
  10. Cinderella I think you spent a little too long at the ball last night.
  11. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    ahhhhhhhhhhh I never made it to the ball!! But coach waiting for tonight.......

    Zippy the Foundation Stage guidance is the statuary curriculum for reception class not the EYFS this does not become statuary until September and even then the steps and goals bar two are exactly the same.
  12. i was replying to Msz who was saying we shouldn't be planning from the profile...

    i said nothing about the FS guidence nor the EYFS, i mentioned the Primary Framework. (wanted to clear up my less than clear message)

    also on ure comment about most of your children reaching the early learning goals before reception, it must be said you must have an extremely able cohort every year. i was at a moderation meeting for my lea and they advocated no point 9's unless WELL documented evidence...they were so harsh with their awarding of points.

    I'm looking forward to the intro of the EYFS as i think its a better document for bringing together all the different birth to 5 systems there were in place before.
  13. "the EYFS is our official government guidence which doesn't have any framework set out but instead a set of goals to guide curriculum."

    I think you did mention the EYFS Zippy
  14. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Can I just clear up some confusion the ELGs are points 4-8 in the profile (points 1-3 are stepping stones)so children don't have to be particularly able to reach ELGs. Having said that many children arrive in my class with all 9 profile points coloured in very prettily and almost half way through the year still haven't reached these dizzy heights (or maybe I'm just harsh in my judgements).
  15. Can I ask you SAOP whats the most challenging activity you have done with your class this year? Last year I was in Y2 and one child was working on Y6 maths activities. Don't let it be said we don't work to the levels of each individual child as I do! Surely that is what AFL is all about.
  16. colorado

    colorado New commenter

    Back to the original question - my more able children have been completing missing number sequences(written on whiteboards with correct number formation)using numbers up to 30. Middle and higher ability have been adding two quantities and writing the total(up to 20)Sen group are trying to gain awareness of quantity and the concept of having less and more. Quite a broad range of ability to cater for and try to extend, wouldn't you say?
  17. Zippy, I would really appreciate a copy too, if you don't mind.


    Many thanks
  18. Pythagoras theory, and how many beans make 5!! Go back to Opinion SOAP!!
  19. Message for zippy
    Can you email a copy of your sublevel numeracy grid sounds great


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