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BC pill question

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by BLRPH05, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Hi, was having bad month last month and missed the last 6 birth control pills in my (21day) pack. I am now at the end of my 7 day break and haven't had any bleeding. I did a test and it was negative so can't really figure out why i haven't had a bleed at all?

    any ideas?

  2. I did read that missing the START of a pack was the crucial thing, missing towards the end wasnt so worrying but I guess its all just trial and error. Chances are your insides are just a bit screwey from missing out on the hormones the pill was giving. Did you carry on your new pack regardless of bleed or are you still waiting for AF to show before starting a new pack??
    I personally would have carried in to a new pack, kept my H at arms length for 7 days and waited for AF to arrive after that.
    all the best!
  3. If we conceived it wouldn't matter so haven't kept hubby at arms length at all!
    I'm not supposed to start my new pack til monday, i realise i should have started new pack straight away but I didn't realise i'd forgotten to take them til mon so thought I'd wait and see if bleed arrived, then when it didn't thought i might be preggers but with a negative im obviously not.
    Normally if i miss a pill tho I get a bit of spotting but not had anthing at all. :/
    Thanks for your advice

  4. Hey Lucie didn't want to read and run.
    Just out of experience when we were ttc it took ages after the pill to get system straightened out and Dr recommended stopping pill up to 1 year before ttc as it can take a while to actually become pregnant. I know some girls fall PG immediately after the pill but most of my friends didn't!
    Just if you haven't already had a LO and starting to think you would like to concieve (as you said it wouldn't matter :) )maybe something to think about ?
    PG tests are so sensitive now I would go with the negative and start your new pack as normal - you might get a break through bleed ? If still not getting a bleed next month I would head to the Docs
    Good luck !
  5. Thanks Julesk. you're advice is exactly what I was planning to do, only got 1 more pack to go before we are finished with them.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  6. Eek how exciting it's such a special time.....Good luck!!

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