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Battle Of Hastings Drama/ History Workshops for 2016 Anniversary

Discussion in 'Primary' started by martianpoolwoman, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. martianpoolwoman

    martianpoolwoman New commenter

    Next year sees the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, a life changing event in British History and a date that most people know.

    Here at Yellow Brick Road Workshops we are expecting a huge demand for our drama based history workshops for this topic which will be especially useful for if you do Anglo-Saxons. The anniversary is Oct 2016 but as we already have teachers booking into April 2016, don't leave it too late.

    We are based in Manchester and Wiltshire. If you Twitter, F/b or google us Yellow Brick Road Workshops you will find us and our 60+ workshops. ( yellowbrickroadworkshops.webeden.co.uk ) and our contact details.

    August 31st 2016

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