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Bath Uni PGCE Info

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Joeyriles, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Joeyriles

    Joeyriles New commenter

    From the looks of it I'm either the only person on this forum going to Bath in September or others haven't joined the TES yet. Secondary English PGCE, starting 10th September...just got my reading list through and a link to the Bath Uni Wikipage: https://wiki.bath.ac.uk/display/pgcenewtrainee/New+PGCE+Trainee+Wiki Also, if anyone else is struggling to choose a house/flatshare then please contact me on Joeyriles88@gmail.com Best Wishes!
  2. I thought they were meant to be putting peoples details on the wiki page, which hasnt been done as far as I can see. I'm on the middle years science program for next year ... wish they would hurry up and confirm home schools so I can sort out acoomadation
  3. Joeyriles

    Joeyriles New commenter


    Decided to pop this up there in case anyone wanted to get the ball rolling.
  4. Hi

    I'm starting in September, doing maths. I'm afraid I'm not looking for a house though; I already live in Bath as I'm just finishing my degree here, so am already sorted.

    Nice to know there are some other people on the course :)
  5. alice_in_wonderland73

    alice_in_wonderland73 New commenter

    I had my interview for MFL yesterday and found out today that I'm in!!! Yay! Can't wait to get started - roll on September :D As for housing, we were told to wait to find out our homeschool before looking for housing... do you know yours already? If not, any idea when that gets decided...?
  6. It says on the website that we won't find out until the end of July at the earliest.
    Doesn't leave much time to get accomodation sorted. Hence why I've already done mine. I think I'd rather travel for a long time than get stressed about not having a house come August :S
  7. Joeyriles

    Joeyriles New commenter

    Yay, people!
    I would like to make a facebook page for Bath PGCE Students 2012. If you post your names on here I can set that up now (its that or read Reflective Teaching...)

    Best Wishes,

  8. Facebook page would be very good. I'm Laura Warren. I know some other people who have a place on the course, so I can add them.
  9. Joeyriles

    Joeyriles New commenter

    Huh, Facebook won't let me create a group for you all without being friends with you, so feel free to find me and add me: www.facebook.com/joeyriles

  10. Morning guys,

    Been trying to find a thread on this, and finally success!

    I'm doing PGCE (Secondary) Phys Ed.

    Have joined the FB group too, so hey guys!


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