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Bath Spa PGCE

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by aliwitter, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I've been asked to attend an interview at Bath Spa for an Early Years PGCE and for one aspect of the interview it states that there will be a reading assessment of an article focusing on a current issue which after we will be asked to lead a debate surrounding the topic. - It does not make it clear if we are supposed to prepare an article ourselves of if we will be given an article on the day and be asked to read and prepare a debate from that.

    Thank you
    Very confused potential PGCE student.
  2. Well done on getting an interview. Was just wondering, when did you send off your application? Mine was sent on 2nd November, for 5-11 Primary at Bath Spa, and haven't heard anything yet...
  3. I did this last year, this part of the interview is done in a group. To begin with you each get a different article, you are given a few minutes to read it and then each person in turn talks briefly about their article-others ask questions etc etc. Then the interviewers tell you to have another look and turn over your papers and then discuss issues-they select one article to start with, again everyone is involved but this time the balance between people should be more equal. It isnt as scary as it sounds, everyone is in same position and the people interviewing at this university were really quite lovely and do want you to do well. I got offered a place in the end (reserve list) but had already accepted a nursery assistant job in order to get more experience for a further application as I thought I hadnt been successful. Good luck.
  4. Thank you- I sent off my application around middle of October because of the cut off point in Decemeber and I was worried encase my referee was busy and didn't get round to it until it was too late. Hope this helps. :)
  5. Thank you- that's really helpful, are you a Bath Spa teacher this year?
  6. After much freaking out because I hadn't heard anything, I've just found out I also have an interview at Bath Spa- mine's for 5-11 Primary. Was just wondering when the date of yours is? Mine is on 12th December. I thought the same about the article when I read the email but then remembered what people had said on here so feeling a bit calmer about it now as wouldn't really know what to do if we had to prepare something beforehand!!
  7. I'm going to the PGCE interview on the 12th December as well! Sooo nervous!
    Think I am most worried about the numeracy test :s......do you know what level it is at?! I had heard KS3, but the links I have come across seem a little more intense than this!
    Just hoping it will all be fine on the day!
  8. Ah, brilliant!
    It's the same for me- I'm so worried about the Maths test. It was always my weakest subject at school, and since getting my GCSE 8 years ago, I've been so lazy with it- I almost always use a calculator, even for the most simple sums! I've got a KS3 revision book that I'm trying to work through at the moment but nothing seems to be staying in my head. Can I ask what the links are that you've found? I've heard different things on here about how hard the test is, but I think it comes down to how easy you find maths in general as some people have said it's really easy, nothing to worry about, and others have said it was much harder than they thought!
    Other than that, I'm looking forward to the day, and glad we don't have to prepare a presentation beforehand- I like that you get given something on the day as everyone is in the same boat then!

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