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Baseline Assessment

Discussion in 'Music' started by saxylaur, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Do anyone use a Baseline Assessment when pupils arrive in Year 7? I would be interested to know anyone views about how it can be carried out effectively to gain a fair representation of pupils previous musical experience and to help plan schemes of work and set target levels for KS3.
  2. We get them to compose a piece of music for a journey through space where we give them specific musical features to include and in some lessons we include very quick (15 min) listening tests and then at the end they perform their composition. We assess their composing, listening and performing skills iusing this and then we get them to complete a quick questionnaire about past musical experiences ie do/did they play an instrument? Are they part of a band or choir? What grades have they done (if any)?
    (Anyone that says they can play an instrument but we aren't sure of, we ask them to perform a piece to us in their lunch time or at the end of a lesson)
    After that we work out the TA level that we think they are working at and then extrapolate a target for end of Year 7,8 and EoKS3.
    Hope this helps.
  3. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    I do almost exactly the same- one of the performance things I do is body percussion as this can show you who's musical, but may not have had the opportunity previously

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