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Baseline assessment in Year 1?!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ChanChan123, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. ChanChan123

    ChanChan123 New commenter


    I'm due to start a teaching post in a Year 1 class next month, however all my experience is in Reception, having taught for 2 years and worked as an EYP for the past year.
    Obviously I need to baseline as early as possible into the start of term but have no idea where to find the statements to assess against for Y1. I know the EYFS Dev. Matters statements but am just so lost with NC. I'm not sure how to baseline either, I'm planning to do one piece AL writing and one independent piece of writing? And mark this against whatever statements but really unsure with maths? I was going to just nab children one by one and work through them.

    Does anyone have any amazing and non-time-consuming ideas?!
  2. pcsmush

    pcsmush Occasional commenter

    I disagree with assessing the children at the start of Year 1. They've just been assessed at the end of FS and in my opinion that is enough to go on until the end of the first term.

    You will get a feel of the abilities of a child soon enough.
  3. squashball

    squashball Occasional commenter

    I agree with pcsmush - you don't need to formally baseline as you have the children's end of key stage data coming up from Reception. Statements for KS1 are in the programmes of study documents within each area of the NC, for example
    links you through to those for English - just put National Curriculum KS1 into Google for each of these. You sound a little worried about not knowing the Year 1 expectations but all you need to do is read them - they are all there online.
    Like you, I am moving from Reception into Year 1 in September, having not taught there for 8 years. I have absolutely no intention of baselining. I will get some independent and guided writing done in the first week so that I can see where everyone is after the holiday: it's good to have a First piece of writing to contrast with writing later on in the year. But really I want everyone doing lots of speaking and listening initially, which I think is a probably a nicer way of getting back into the school way of things. I think you'll get a very good idea of where they all are within a day or so of teaching them - don't waste time assessing them 1:1 as I don't think you'll learn much.
    Good luck with your move to KS1 - I suspect we'll communicate further!
  4. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Is there another year 1 teacher in your school who can tell you what they do?
    Or maybe a KS leader?
    Some schools insist on assessing in week 1 for everyone, some totally frown on it. You will need to do what everyone else does.
  5. vannie

    vannie Star commenter

    I used to do this when I worked in a school that used to routinely 'massage' EYFS assessments. I don't do it any more. It's so time consuming and takes away from the quality teaching the children need. If you are in a good school - one that realises that there will be some 'learning loss' over the Summer break you will be fine. I find it's always handy to do some benchmarking for reading levels to see if they've sustained or fallen back (and to group them accurately if you do this), and we keep special writing books so it's handy to have a piece from early in the year. For maths if you really wanted to I would look at number and calculation. Depending on how you teach in your school though this may not be necessary - I know in my school we present an AFL task at the beginning of each unit of work so their prior knowledge shows up and is evidenced there.
    Here's some Lancashire NC statements to help you.
    http://www.st-mary-st-michael.lancs.sch.uk/policies etc/Full KLIPS combined.pdf
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I like to get my new Y1 class to complete a piece of independent in the first week ...it's something for the children to look back at and see how much their writing has improved. It's also more useful for me to know what they can do independently after a six week break than the FSP
    We also test reading and comprehension ages using the new Salford sentence reading test ...repeated every term.

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