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Baseline Assessment Booklet

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by blue123, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Want to update/change my baseline assessment in September. We have a booklet and its very much tick sheet and not very interesting. Read ABC does all the time and love his last post (bubblewrap) but wondererd if anyone else has a more creative approach to their baseline assessments. I think a lot of my sheets are a waste. Thansks Blue123
  2. anyone?
  3. we abandoned the baseline booklet approach some years ago. We use the transisiton form or learning journeys from pre-schools, individual running observations on every child (always interesting) and make observations at snack time, adults playing along side children etc. using extended questioning. With a baseline booklet you can only focus on some areas, does it show a child's PSED or physical development ?
  4. Is this for Nursery? There are some cohort tracking sheets in resources which will give age related expectations baseline.
  5. Hi I'm in reception x It was my first yr this year and I did the booklet that previous teacher designed. To be honest never looked at it or used it - it was an exercise. Now a year on I want to do something different. Is there any guidelines on whats expected in a baseline or is it teacher judgements ??
  6. What does your Nursery pass up to you, could you use that as a starting point? I use Nursery data and the assessment booklet that Toty has in resources. There is no national data that looks at children's ability starting in Reception. You could use development matters for age related expectations but tracking from Nursery through to the end of Reception would give a good idea of key stage progress.
  7. For Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government is introducing in September statutory arrangements for baselining children on entry to education. For those rare children who don't enter at 3 in Wales, the assessments can be used on children at the age they enter education. It can be found here and may be of some help (or not!) :


  8. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Nursery baseline assessments became a real 'issue' at my school a few years ago. Long-term posters might just remember how I used to rail against having to use the totally inappropriate end-of-key-stage stuff to assess three-year-olds who'd only spent six weeks in nursery. Prior to that, my colleague and I sat down and considered each child in relation to the six areas. We gave them a 1, 2 or 3 - below average, average or above average - and based our judgments on our experience of little children.
    When we were made to use the Profile, our judgments were identical, so what was the point? Our EY co-ordinator and HT were adamant about the necessity for it, so my complaints came across as disaffection, which did my career no good at all. Now the EYs co-ordinator has moved with the times and we're back to a simpler form of baseline assessment. Will anyone ever say that I was right in the first place? No, of course not. Bolshie and lazy, that's me!
    Sorry to moan but I sometimes recall with bitter dissatisfaction the day my beleaguered [by the SIP, presumably] HT shouted at me
    "Evidence! Evidence! It's all about evidence!"
  9. Thanks for replies x
    I got last year a variety of different tick sheets from nursery's we have about 7 feeder ones. Maybe as it was my 1st year they meant very little. I think I'm going to use development matters objectives and design activities around thoes. Where I can observe children playing, have small group A.D ..... and make judgements from thoes - ooooerrrr no 20 page booklet to print out - how brave!

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