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Barefoot Workout?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by amyc, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Anyone heard of this? I always thought that exercising in bare feet was frowned upon because of injury but browsing found this:

  2. It depends on your feet. It is true that you can restrengthen the feet with barefoot exercise although jumping around may not be advisable.
    I have problem feet (dropped arch and tendon problems). I have found that work in shoes, to strengthen my knees and the muscles of my legs, and particularly my back, has helped with my feet.
    I still cannot do much other than pilates without shoes.
  3. I have quite bad problems with my feet and ankles, due to hypermobile joints. I have been advised by physio not to exercise in bare feet, and to keep all other activity in bare feet to a minimum.They even advise me to wear shoes in the house.
    I have also been told that slippers are the worst thing anyone could ever wear on their feet.
    I don't know about exercising bare foot, if you have no problems with your feet or ankles. I am sure some of the sports physio sites, would have some advice.
  4. vickyrae1970

    vickyrae1970 New commenter

    i think the 'barefoot ' community would say that if you are considering moving in that direction , you need to transition down over a long period of time from normal trainers to barefoot training shoes . i go to the gym in vivo bikali and find them incredibly comfortable ,but as runner i just wear minimalist shoes .
  5. Have a look a vibran five fingers - www.vibranfivefingers.com. They're supposed to ensure your feet are positioned as they're supposed to be naturally. The theory is that modern shoes support our feet in all the wrong places and are more harm than good. Lots of barefoot runners use five fingers and they do a variety of styles. Ice got a sparkly pair that I bought for walking around Tuscany and have done some aerobic exercise in and my bf has got 3 different pairs that he uses for going to the gym and just as normal trainers too. They look really weird but are incredibly comfy!
  6. I read the article. It sems to advocates only certain exercises in bare-feet , alongside yoga and pilates. It's not suggesting aerobics, zumba or circuits in bare-feet.

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