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Barcelona balconies beach and pool ADVICE please

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by AilsaMcC, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone

    I have organised a trip to Barcelona going at the end of September for 27 pupils Year 10 and 11.My department has undergone a lot of changes recently and the school has not done a trip there for about 6 years and we have limited information so as a relatively new teacher (entering my 3rd year) have just got a few queries I would really appreciate if more experienced teachers could help me out

    1) issue of balconies at the hotel. There seems to be a split as to whether to let pupils use them or not. I understand about explaining about not throwing stuff etc but wondering whether people tend to let pupils or not?

    2) beach and pool. I was going to say that pupils cannot swim at beach but can go paddling (I am thinking of risk assessment here) but the hotel also has a pool. I was going to get a permission slip signed from parents authorising they can swim here (and can swim 50m on their own). Again does this sound ok or do people tend to prohibit full stop?

    3) free time.again I was going to get sign off from parents- correct procedure?

    Other than that if anyone has any advice or guidance I would really appreciate it. I have a meeting with parents to give out key information so hope that goes well.

    Thank you in advance
  2. hola,

    I have done trips to Barca with younger pupils, Year 8 and 9 and this is what I usually do;

    1) Yes I let them on the balconies but explain the risks etc. Hotel usually has a security guard who comes to tell kids off if they are up to no good. I have only once seen someone climb over balcony once in 5 years and I had a serious word and punished him by spending his free time with teachers. It is very hard to police whether there on the balconies so maybe make the decision as to whether you can trust them?

    2) I never let the pupils in the sea because we go in the evening so no lifeguards and none of teachers are lifeguards. I don't even let them paddle and make that clear before we even leave. Probably wouldn't let them in day either.

    3) Let them swim in pool as there's lifeguards. Don't get anything signed but do mention it at parents evening and ask if anyone has probs to speak to me about it.

    Hope this helps. I'm sure everyone does it differently mind. You will be great :)
  3. I think you've already had one very good answer. Last year I took a trip to Barcelona and my pupils were told at the parents' information evening about 3 weeks before the trip that as neither myself nor my colleagues were lifeguard trained they were not allowed in the sea or in the pool. I simply wasn't prepared to risk it or for my colleagues to risk it.
  4. Are you flying or going by coach? I have found that the single most dangerous area is on the ferry. Where they were happy to sell alcohol to under 16s without asking for ID.
  5. Hi there,
    Thank you for advice. I really do appreciate it as it is quite a daunting (and ever nearing) trip. I was going to let them use the pool but as none of us our lifeguards think will tell them NO NO.
    We are flying so hopefully Otter we wont encounter that!!!
    Many thanks

  6. ambi

    ambi New commenter

    If you are not lifeguard trained (or your colleagues ) and there is no official lifeguard on duty I think it must be a definite NO. Kids will think it a pain but it isn't worth the risk. Chances are nothing will happen but if it did you would be torn to shreds from all quarters!

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