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Bank of statements for report writing offered

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Opera Diva, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

  2. Hi
    I would also be very grateful if you could please send a copy.
    Thank you.
  3. Hello-are these still available? I am just about to write my reports?

    Many thanks

  4. hello, are you still emailing these report comments out? If so could you please send a copy to me - they sound great, and I would be v. grateful! Thanks!
  5. oh, not sure why my email address didn't show up on my last posting, so here it is: rfedwards@onetel.com.
  6. mich21761

    mich21761 New commenter

    Hi opera Diva I am currently writing reports and find that after a couple of reports I'm brain dead. I would really appreciate any help with different statements if you wouldn't mind. my email address is mich21761@yahoo.co.uk.
    kind regards
  7. I have replied to every e-mail on this thread and to those who have e-mailed me directly.

    Several mails have bounced.

    If you have not received a reply from me, please send mail to me.


  8. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

  9. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    Opera Diva, I have recieved mine and would just like to say THANK YOU!!! They are a great starting point and will help me heaps. Your efforts to send them to so many people are much appreciated.

  10. Many thanks O D for your kind sharing of these great resources.

  11. thank you
  12. Would also like to jump on the bandwagon. Please could I have a copy?

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