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Bank of statements for report writing offered

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Opera Diva, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Hello, any chance of a copy too please, would be greatly appreciated.
    many thanks
  2. You all have mail
  3. Please could I have a copy of the report statements? Seem to have got writers block!!
    Many thanks

  4. OperaDiva - sorry to be a pest but I'd be thrilled to see some report statements if only to modify some of what I've done! I've actually finished my reports but some of them read rather clumsily....I'm now trying to find more varied and succint ways to say the same thing (some of the children have VERY similar reports)...Thanks in advance...
  5. Could i have a copy of the bank of statements for report writing you posted last year please Opera Diva - I know i'm late!!!
  6. Could I have a copy too please Opera Diva...

    many thanks


  7. titus4t

    titus4t New commenter

    Dear Opera Diva

    If I haven't said thank you before, can I say it now. Thanks to your statements I have just 'done' science in hardly any time at all. Thank you, thank you, thank you
  8. You all have mail
  9. Falalalalalaaaaaa! Bit of opera for you Opera diva! COuld I have a copy too please?


    Cheers!! x


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