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Bank of statements for report writing offered

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Opera Diva, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. wokinghamteacher

    wokinghamteacher New commenter

  2. They sound really useful if you are still sending them out.
  3. Mail sent
  4. Wrighty1000

    Wrighty1000 New commenter

  5. opera diva, you sure have had a busy year of sendings these!! Although I am most of the way through my reports now - these comments would be great for stickers and targets and will probably come in handy for next year. If you can spare the time to forward yet another set then please can I have. Many thanks for sharing

    email: sharon@augustfields.plus.com
  6. dellgirl

    dellgirl New commenter

  7. please can I have a copy too, as I am about to start my reports this weekend. Many thanks. sharon.martin1@tesco.net
  8. INGIE

    INGIE New commenter

  9. miss detention

    miss detention New commenter

  10. If the offer to share report comments is still there, would love to take full advantage of it. Thanks in advance,

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