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Bangkok - give me the lowdown please!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by schmedz, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. schmedz

    schmedz Occasional commenter

    Anyone who has advice on finding pet-friendly accommodation, I'd love to hear from you! If you were working in the very expensive riverside school and had to find a place to live that accepted small dogs, in which areas would you be looking?
    Sathorn Taksin BTS looks like a good station for proximity but how do you go about finding a regular driver/taxi service in lieu of having a car?

    Any other tips for living there?

    I've also only heard really positive and reassuring opinions of the school - feel free to share yours also.
  2. pinkfairyboots

    pinkfairyboots New commenter

    Hello, I currently live and work in Bangkok. unfortunately I can't help you regarding animal friendly accommodation but pretty sure you will be able to find something in any area you select. The bangkok expats fb group may be able to offer you some more help on this front.

    Regarding your car, once you start doing a journey at a regular time you often end up meeting a taxi driver you like and arranging a regular agreement. We have been here for almost 2 years and have no issues without a car.

  3. schmedz

    schmedz Occasional commenter

    Thanks pfb. I have no desire to have a car - the few times I've visited recently I think the city could do with a lot fewer of them....

    Will check out the FB group too. Appreciate the tip!
  4. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    Taxis and motorbike taxis are very cheap here and the sky train and underground are good and being extended all the time. A good school will help you to get accommodation and will have agents that they use regularly, get in touch with them and outline your needs they should be able to help you. The school you are alluding to tends to put its staff into one of two condos which are situated near the school, not sure if either of them accept pets. Good luck with the school!

  5. schmedz

    schmedz Occasional commenter

    Thanks, Perce. Very excited about my new role and the education that my children will receive! Sadly the condos don't take pets so we're trying to find somewhere commutable and affordable. Lucky we've left lots of time to look! Have just spent a weekend in Bankgkok and will try to live close by - the traffic is something else!
  6. Charlotte86

    Charlotte86 New commenter

    Hi Schmedz, I am also relocating to Bangkok this summer to teach in an international school. I'm bringing my two cats and emailed the school about pet friendly accommodation, they said they would try to help me find somewhere. Have you asked them for advice? Houses seem to be the best option as it's a bit of a no no for condos. Good luck with the move!
  7. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    How much do they pay>
  8. schmedz

    schmedz Occasional commenter

    @musikteech : there is a salary scale, so presumably, pay depends on qualifications and experience.

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