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Ban The Poster Above You....Mark 2

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Bethannie, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Here we go with the next banning thread....
    You all know the rules....ban the poster above you!
    and as I have started the new thread (Ithink we broke the old one!!!!.....well I blame Sparks and Ginny!) ....then I will just have to be the first one banned on here I suppose!
  2. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    Bethany banned banned banned banned
    for thinking she could get away without a ban. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh![​IMG]
    we will resume where we left off
    Betthy banned
    for sticking up for TES
    for insulting Boxy's intelligence
    for saying I am drooling-YUK I am doing no such thing!
    for reading bracketed comments-serves you right for being nosy.
    for telling me I under-estimate Boxy-PAH!
    for telling me to pamper Ginny-not on your nelly!
    for not mentioning my torn muscle and being sympathetic Have torn a muscle under my ribs-did it when I bent down to pick up aforementioned rodent! It jolly well hurts! Is Ginny apologetic? Is she heck.[​IMG]
    (sorry about the cake-must have a slight defect. Back to the drawing board! Have you noticed Ginny's clever ploy of duplicating this thread? This means we can plot against boxy on one of them and she will read the other thread and be none the wiser about our plans.?)
  3. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    Well whoever broke the other thread, should fix it.
    And then be banned for breaking it!
  4. Right!

    *Annie rolls her sleeves up*

    The three of you are banned for starting a new thread without discussing it with the Southern Hemisphere contingent. (That would be me, Scabby, Kamikazi Kitten, grumpy bird and the coos... the ducks haven't arrived yet)

    For starting aforesaid thread in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.... this was sneaky. Was this Ginny's idea?

    For breaking previous thread

    For causing duplicate thread

    For not fixing broken thread

    Banned! Banned! Banned!
  5. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    boxy....damn ...you found the new thread...I had hoped we'd lost you!
    so...you are banned....
    for doing that sleeve rolling thing again - you only do it to rile me!
    for being such a loser that your only minions are your own pets!...and at least half of them are really on my side!
    for sleeping during the serious business of banning.
    for accusing 3 of us of breaking/duplicating the old thread and not fixing it....can;t you decide where to apportion blame?
    for throwing a wobbly hissy fit just because you missed the excitement!
    and mainly for not banning 'the last poster' you know the rules!
    (boxy!....I knew you'd find us without any problem!....As for the old thread....just look at the facts...the last poster to post before the duplication/breaking...was SpurklePag (or possibly Ginny using SP's log-in)....I did my best to sort out the mess she created - I started the new thread and I contacted mods to have the old one locked ..I already knew it couldn't be saved....not after it happened on Cookery.....and that leads me to more evidence....this has happened on the 'Dinner' thread....the 'Banning' thread...and the 'Millions' thread....I don't generally post on the Millions thread so I am clearly innocent....we need to look for someone who posts on all 3!.....I strongly suspect that the glittering-grunter is far from trustworthy (that cake of mine did not explode by accident!) and needs watching carefully.....)
  6. Anniebathie!

    Banned! Banned! Banned!

    For thinking that you could lose me on Entertainment! If you did your research properly, you would figure out how much time I spend on here!

    For rising to the bait of me rolling my sleeves up..... don't worry, it will soon be spring here, and then I'll be lamenting the loss of sleeves, as I'll be in SINGLETS again... Oh, I know how much you love me mentioning my singlets! (The lacy ones that HE loves ripping off with his teeth!)

    For seriously misunderstanding the world domination leadership plans. The animals are NOT my minions.. they are my partners in crime, and each has a valuable role to play. YOU are the one who constantly refers to minions... I quite simply don't need them, as I am perfectly capable of running the Southern Hemisphere by myself.

    For expecting me to just ban the last poster, when the three of you were obviously in cahoots, and under these circumstances, a triple ban was quite in order. (Haven't you even READ the rule book???? Sloppy work, Bethannie....)

    (Good point Bethannie... so Billions, Cookery, and Banning thread.... so we're obviously dealing with that sneaky Ginny again.... Can't you kidnap it, and send it over here in a box? Scabs would have it any day........)
  7. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    banned for excessive use of the word "banned"
    for bragging about the amount of time you spend on entertainment-you need to get a life.
    for talking about sleeves and singlets and lace-is this turning into a fashion thread?
    for being over-confident-you do need minions , your pets are not reliable
    for dragging your pets into a life of crime
    for being paranoid-three of us in cahoots? Surely not.
    for hogging the rule book-where is it? Are you trying to get us in trouble with the mods?
    for wanting to put my Ginny in a box
    for referring to Ginny as "it"-she is a she.
    for threatening kidnap
    (Bethy-Boxy is on to us-she knows about the double thread and hasn't taken the bait. Ginny is still in t he duck compound awaiting delivery to the farm)
    (Boxy-Ginny is in the duck compound awaiting your instructions)
  8. Spurkles

    For thinking that there can possibly be such a thing as overuse of the word "Banned" Have you actually read the thread title?

    For saying I was bragging about being on Entertainment.. I was merely remarking. Try to use the English language correctly please

    For saying I'm being paranoid. The three of you appeared on a new thread while I was asleep... that's hardly a coincidence, is it?

    For saying I want to put Ginny in a box. I don't. I'm quite happy if Bethannie sends it over in a plastic bag
  9. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    boxy...youe are banned...
    for not stating clearly that you are banning Spurkly! ,,,,,yes, you gave a lost of extremely valid reasons for banning, but you didn't specifically state she was banned! She is a minion...she needs these things explained clearly - and she prefers words of one syllable!
    for expecting Spurkle to actually read the thread title....that's too much work for her!
    for denying you were bragging....I'm pretty sure you were....I accept you might have had good grounds for bragging but that doesn't negate the fact that you were bragging - you braggart!
    for rampaging paranoia! There was no plan to break the last thread....and whilst you were passed out we started a new thread.....it was clearly labelled...and you found it easily enough (damn your eyes!)...the three of us were not in cahoots....Spurks was working alone (or rather obeying the commands of her mistress Ginny!)....don't blame anyone else (and especially not me!)
    for thinking a plastic bag would contain Ginny -( have you seen those teeth?!...she'd gnaw her way free in next to no time!...No, we need to think boxes...and not cardboard ones...steel....and with a sturdy lock!....which we then encase in a large barrel of water...of course this means she might not survive the journey...do you need to interrogate her? (I'm sure she is the brains in the Ginny?Spurks alliance.....she probably has valuable information)....maybe we could look at offering her a tasty apple to eat, nice and juicy...and laced with a little something that puts her to sleep until she awakes in a little cage in Oz with Scabacious snarling at her?....or maybe the killer-kitty?)
  10. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    Bethy banned
    for wanting clear statements-this is Box we are talking about.
    for saying Boxy's reasons are valid-they are not.
    for implying that I am thick. I am a clever lass I'll have you know.
    for saying Ginny is my mistress-I am the brains here, not a stupid vegetable obssessed rodent
    for threatening to put Ginny in a sturdy box-she has worked loyally for you and is still waiting her reward.
    for thinking Ginny would be scared of a kitten
  11. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    SpurklePag....you are banned.....

    for once again underestimating boxy. Just because she doesn't have a BSc doesn't mean she isn't smart! She is quite astute, and can write clearly.

    for not seeing the validity of boxy's ban...and not realising that being banned by boxy is a cachet....it means you have her rattled!
    for boasting about your intelligence. If you are truly smart you don't need to flaunt it.
    for not accepting that you are Ginny's devoted slave. As I have asked before...who feeds her?...who cleans out her pooey cage?...who gives her little treats?....and when did she ever lift a paw to help you with the housework?
    for thinking Ginny is vegetable-obsessed...she has many other and varied interests......fruit....seeds....grains....naughty sexy rodent sites....running around on her wheel...gnawing things...preening...world domination...berries...sleeping...
    for even thinking I would put Ginny in a box!...if you had bothered to read that ban properly, I was explaining to boxy that Ginny was far too smart to be trapped in a plastic bag!
    for believing that sneaky Ginny when she complains about her lack of rewards!....I send her regular boxes from Riverford...and honey nut sticks...and she probably hides them from you!
    for not realising how fearsome that kitty is...I have heard stories!....huge great fangs and sharp claws and a taste for human (and Guinea Pig) flesh!
    (Spurky....of course you are clever, would I let you be my minion if I didn't think you had valuable skills.....by the way, I am looking for a minion to help with some very special tasks....would you be interested...obviously I can't go into details... top-secret work you understand...but it involves some immersion of fabrics into warm liquids...observing the stain-removal properties of various substances...light scrubbing of said fabrics....manipulation of a machine...careful sorting of aforementioned fabrics by various criteria...colour....delicates et.c....and then manipulation of a small but weighty object to observe the wrinkle/crease removal properties of this item when heated and applied smoothly - perhaps with the addition of steam...on fabric........sounds interesting to you?.....Notice I haven't offered the job to Ginny or Giraffe or Wera or any of my other minions...I am offering the valuable position to you first!)
    (Ginny....I know you don't mention the rewards to Spurks because she would get jealous...and she is so oblivious to her position in your household!....now I have a special reward for you - to thank you for your devotion....I want to make you a lovely nesting box!...It will be nice and sturdy - I guarantee it won't break if you wriggle around...I was thinking of something stylish like steel?...maybe I could encase it in water for you...waterbeds are really popular!....and perhaps some juicy apple snacks in there if you get peckish - just before you have a nice long nap?....How does that sound my faithful little minion?)
  12. Bethannie!

    Banned for....


    Hang on a minute.... just have to find something to object to......


    *Annie scratches head*

    Ahhh! Banned for a terribly long post!

    (Brilliant Bethannie..... that'll save you heaps on laundry fees! When Spurkles has finished doing yours, could you send her over here please? Ta x)
  13. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    for not trying harder with banning. (I have to admit that last post of mine was rather brilliant...even Spurks herself would have to accept it!)
    for scratching your head....have you got nits?...fleas or something worse from Scabaciuos?
    for complaining about the length of my ban.....some posters need their misdeeds chronicled in detail!
    for suggesting you know what the top-secret task I have for Spurks entails.
    for adding a kiss at the end of that post....I have told you, no more snogs until Christmas. (I know this is difficult, one snog from beth....or in your case three!....is never enough!)
    for claiming you don't need minions and then asking to share mine!
    (Boxy...shhhhhhh.....I need to introduce these new tasks slowly!.....don't want to scare Spurks away!.....dealing with Ginny may be more difficult, but as you may have seen I am working on a cunning plan!)
  14. Bethannie!

    *Annie rolls up sleeves as she knows EXACTLY how much this winds Bethannie up!*

    For completely misunderstanding me.... it wasn't that I didn't want to try hard, I just (rather unfortunately) agreed with everything you said for once!

    For being big-headed... yes, it was a rather brilliant post... but no need to carry on about it!

    For asking an unnecessary question. Of course I have fleas. I live with a dog who refers to himself as "Wee Scabby Dug" Where do you think he gets the scabs from? Fleas, of course. And he is generous enough to share them.

    For suggesting that I don't know what Spurkles 'top-secret' task entails... it was honestly NOT that difficult to work out (and your post re. removing wrinkles on the 'Outrageous Lie' thread, gave me a hint)

    For mistaking my (obviously) mis-placed affection for you as having 'overtones'.... I'm much more interested in snogging HIM. (and more... oh, so much, much more!)

    For continually suggesting I want minions. I don't. I could do with some help though with the washing and ironing, and just thought you could spare Spurkles for a couple of days

    (Bethannie..... I hope I haven't given too much away by referring to certain household tasks. I really loved your Ginny plan! Sheer brilliance! Will check my PO Box over the next few days, to see if I have any parcels!)
  15. For starting aforesaid thread in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.... this was sneaky. Was this Ginny's idea?[​IMG]
  16. Troll alert....
  17. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    Annie for talking about trolls and not explaining what sort.
    Big hairy ones?
    or tiny sneaky ones
  18. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Spurks....banned...for not doing your research thoroughly.
    (I think annie's request for Entertainment to be moderated rattled a troll's cage a little!)
  19. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    Bethy banned
    for not appreciating my sense of humour-(of course I understood Boxy's comment)
  20. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    SpurklePag banned.....
    for thinking I don't appreciate your sense of humour...of course I do my little minion...I appreciate everything about you...(.have you had time to consider the exciting offer of the top-secret minion task I offered you - it will really fit your skillset!)
    for not including some indication that your last remark was intended to be humorous (this is after all a very serious thread - no room for frivolities.)...a simple [​IMG] or ROFLMAO would have made your intentions clear.
    for including images that took ages to load.
    for not allowing Ginny access to the computer so she can let me know if my reward for her services is acceptable. ...are you keeping the poor wee beastie caged up? (although I'm sure she can pick the lock quick as blinking....maybe she is so excited at the thought of her new nesting box she is on her way here?)
    and for not offering to send me more cake to make up for the one that unaccountably exploded!

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