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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by rhilindsay, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. We are currently working on following the childrens interests and following them up more or less as soon as they do. We have decided to work on experimenting with balloons and different things relating to getting them to fly and travel. Any ideas for this?
    Im lacking in imagination with this, all help would be appreciated
  2. we are doing 80 days around the world but doing 80 days through the year we did a hot air balloon display with box for the basket which the children love to put teddies in so they feel part of the display we add photos of special days we have done (as children say we visited) we did chinese new year and dressed up ate chinese food did a dragon dance, we did burns night scotland ate shortbread and made scottish flags ate vege haggis, we are doing cornwall making cornish pasties, south africa and wales and many more to come.
    hope it helps
  3. Could try filling them with water and then freezing some of them. They are fun to then put in the water tray and watch what happens.

    Also, The Blue Balloon by Mike Inkpen- thinking about taking a balloon trip up to the moon. We did this and hid little blue balloons around the nursery - when children found them we blew them up for them, attached a piece of string and then got some lovely role play about what happened next
  4. As a child, I can vaguely remember making some sort of vehicle and making it move by blowing up a balloon and letting it go so the air pushed it forward. (Think it must've been on Blue Peter or something!)

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