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Balancing all the work with CP in Year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Izzyapple, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am moving from R to Y1 with a group of very able children (not all!)
    I am trying to plan my maths but seem to be going round in circles. I have looked at objectives from framework and know where children are but without any support the actual group work is driving me insane.

    If I am for eg. Comparing and ordering numbers. I have my more ables working with me choosing 3 cards and putting them into order.

    What do I do with other children while I work with that group? I have NO support and some VERY disruptive children. If I send to CP I feel like this is a holding activity and not sure of its purpose. I could enhance areas but they would not choose this. I can't get round to working with everybody but the objectives move on so quickly I will not meet everybody for this set objective. Do I make a note of this and then when I revisit, take other groups?? Keeping track of that what with everything else....Not even back at school, but feel like I am sinking fast!

    Could any Y1 teachers who have a balance of Group activities and C Provision, please advise me on how to move forward, how to organise my groups and offer any other advice apart from hitting the wine ; 0

    Just not sure how to get the right balance of CP and some of our children definitely still need it.

    Hoping you can help me see the wood!

    Kind regards
  2. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    I hope someone replies soon who uses CP because I don't!! I do work without another adult in maths quite often so I can offer you my experience that way. What you need to move away from is thinking that you wont cover the objectives. You will. There are not that many of them for year 1 really and if you are using the framework (I don't) you will meet them over and over anyway. If I am working on a key objective with one group the others will be at table or on the floor doing maths activities that may or may not be related to the obj being taught by me. So I could be doing the ordering numbers you mentioned, another group could be playing games that involve ordering numbers, another might be practising number bonds to 10/20 (again through games), some might be making number sentences on a wb using dice. They are all doing maths and practising skills though not learning anything new exactly - but they will have all had the same initial M/O starter and input. You should be able to get round 2 groups in a day that way. So in a week you will have covered two KO through main part of lesson, probably at least another 2 through M/O activities and games/practise. I used to tie myself in knots trying to cover a KO every day with every child, it's stressful and my teaching went to pot cos of it. They can't learn something new in maths every day - I don't care what Ofsted say.
  3. That makes excellent sense Dagnabit..I can feel those knots already. Right deep breath, back to the planning! Try again...thanks for your advice X

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