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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by lilyput, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I'm reception so have PE sessions, assemblies etc but it all depends on where the child intitiated theme takes us. I try not to get hung up about it but I suppose you could say mine is around 50 -50 too. Some topics have meant more adult input (eg very active whole class discussions about the life-sized skeleton I took in) and some are more child-led (making dens outside). Often I play with the children, take a photo and then write up a comment from memory (not an observation but I feel it is better to spend time with them than worry about the silly evidence that is only there to prove I actually understand what I have seen.) The proof is only required by either OFSTED once every 3 years or the moderator once every 2 years - so I can't really justify spending time on it and I don't! It isn't the evidence that is important but what the children have actually learned and they learn more when you spend time with them either direct teaching or extending their play.
  2. Hi again
    Sorry Dawsons stuff just realised that sounded like a rant. How sad that we are worrying about this. I think you should just do what you feel works for your children. Please don't get worried about the statistics just use your initiative and go for it.
  3. Sorry, I'm in Reception not FS1.

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