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Badly treated by people I trusted

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by timboleicester123, May 23, 2011.

  1. After a few
    weeks of not getting enough work I decided to tell them that I needed to sign
    on for Job Seekers Allowance as that would allow me to claim Council Tax
    Benefit and Mortgage Interest relief. I was in a very bad way financially and just
    not getting the work. I told the agency that I would still work, but only for
    long term contracts as signing on and off the unemployment register was
    becoming a bit of a bind to say the least. </font>

    I late march
    I got a call from the agency, someone new as the usual person that dealt me
    with was off on maternity leave. He told me that a local secondary school, a
    challenging inner city was hold trial days the next day for a long term
    contract and would I go along. I did this willingly and the next day spent an
    exhausting day with my classes. It really was a hard day. I spoke to the cover
    supervisor at the end of the day and he seemed satisfied with me and asked me
    whether I was available next Tuesday as well. I didn&rsquo;t quite understand and
    told him that my agency said today was a &ldquo;TRIAL&rdquo; day for a long term position.
    There was no one else from any other agency there. The cover supervisor told me
    that the &ldquo;post&rdquo; was for one day a week for a while but didn&rsquo;t know for how
    long, possibly till the summer break in July. </font>

    From the car
    park of the school I called the agency and spoke to my contact there. I told
    him that I had had an interesting day and that the &ldquo;post&rdquo; seemed to be just one
    day a week. I told him that this would mean me losing out compared to the
    benefits I was receiving and although I would like to be in a school building
    up a new network I just could not afford to lose out financially as I have
    family helping me out with my mortgage. </font>

    He seemed
    really keen to get me to accept the post at the school so he made me a proposal
    in that he would gurantee me two days work a week and would pay me two days and
    even if he couldn&rsquo;t get me the extra day&rsquo;s work he would still pay me. On this
    basis I would be earning more than the benefits and therefore I accepted.</font>

    I wrote to
    the agency confirming that I would do the work every Tuesday at the school but
    clearly wrote that two days per week would be my minimum. I then undertook the
    task of contacting all the various agencies and told them of the new
    arrangement and applied for Tax credits based on the two days per week work.</font>

    Later that
    week I was called again to tell me that I had a booking at a primary school for
    a few weeks. Five in total and that would leave just half a day&rsquo;s work short as
    per our agreement. </font>

    This is where
    the problems started. I worked for two three more weeks and the money was not
    adding up to the two days I was promised and I wrote pointing this out. I was
    told that it was a mistake and the money would be sorted out and paid to me.
    When the job at the primary school ended I was not called in for work except
    the Tuesday booking which continued. A week went by and I did not get an extra
    day&rsquo;s work or indeed the money for this. Bt now I am owed roughly &pound;400.00. When
    the money did not appear in the Friday pay slip I called the agency and spoke
    to the person who made me the offer. It seems that despite the to and fro of
    emails I had got the wrong end of the stick and he, in fact, had not made me
    the offer of a guaranteed two days work a week. In fact what I was told was that
    he would do his very best to get me two days a week but he couldn&rsquo;t guarantee
    it. This, of course, is not my version of events. Had I know I would have
    stayed signed on as I could not afford to have less money coming in as I wasn&rsquo;t
    making ends meet as it was.</font>

    I reminded
    the person at the agency of the conversation and then much to my disgust and
    amazement, he denied any such offer! </font>

    To say I was
    shocked is an understatement. I was horrified that I could have been treated in
    such a duplicitous and underhand manner. I felt myself getting upset so I told
    the agency that I was so upset I was going to end the conversation and put the
    phone down.</font>

    I sat
    bewildered for a while and then decided to send all the correspondence to the
    office manage in Leicester and get her view of the matter. </font>

    I am
    awaiting her proposals for a possible resolution of the matter.</font>

    I feel that
    I cannot in good faith work for the person whom I feel had lied to me, but I do
    not wish to leave the agency all together as from the outset I had been very
    pleased with them.</font>
  2. I can't offer you much advice but I felt compelled to write something and I'm really sorry that you have had such a **** time with this agency. Unfortunately if you don't have anything in writing from the agency... I don't need to tell you that you don't have aleg to stand on.
    When I started supply work 5 years ago, work was abundant and you could pick and choose. I have been out of supply for the best part of a year due to family commitments and I am amazed at how quickly things have deterioated for us the supply teacher, in less than a year. It would seem that now adays you have to be grateful for any scraps of work that are thrown your way (and that is if you are fortunate to get it) and agencies have little regard for the people that keep them in work.
    I do hope you are able to resolve this and just wantd to know someone was thinking of you :0)
  3. I must apologise for all my typing mistakes! It's been a long day[​IMG]
  4. janeygrey

    janeygrey New commenter

    Thinking of you and wish you all the best. I don't think I could ever work for this company again if that were me, but I am not walking in your shoes. Bills have to be paid and only with money and unfortunately neither pride nor a sense of injustice will do that. I get work everyday but only today in the school I was in, I was told that they are cutting back on supplies, covering internally instead. It's worrying as work could be severely limited, if this is just a first sign. Good luck and look after yourself xxxx
  5. Until teacher agencies are monitored and employment law is enforced, we will continue to see examples like this.
  6. Well I think they called the agency knowing I worked for them and asked for me by name so they say they are not worried...
    this is the letter I got from the LIAR's boss

    Dear Tim

    <font size="3" face="Calibri">Thank you for your e-mails, I'm sorry you feel that Pxxxxxxx
    hasn't delivered on its promise to you. I have spoken to Karl and read through
    all the e-mail correspondence to ensure that I am fully up to speed. </font>

    <font size="3" face="Calibri">Pxxxxxx Leicester is not in a position to absolutely
    guarantee particular levels of work because, as I'm sure you appreciate, we are
    at the mercy of schools requiring cover. All we can do is ensure that we
    speak to our schools on a daily basis and make them aware that you are
    available. </font>

    <font size="3" face="Calibri">Kxxxx knows Fxxxxxx very well and genuinely believed that they
    would have extra supply days to offer you each week but this has not been the
    case. I apologise if you feel you have been mislead regarding levels of
    work available, however we have worked hard to gain you extra work in both
    primary and secondary schools &ndash; pro rata you have had 1.3days per week. </font>
    We do suggest to our secondary supply teachers that they
    register with a couple of agencies to ensure a regular supply of work and we
    will endeavour to continue to find and offer you work that suits your skills
    and experience.

    <font size="3" face="Calibri">Kind regards,</font>

    <font size="3" face="Calibri">Cxxx</font>

  7. They may pay you more than the agency did. Many schools get people individually after meeting through an agency (some pay the finders fee others don't). If a school employs you you get the equivalent of you pay scale amount worked out to a daily rate. You may be better off with this. Maybe register with another agency too and leave the initial one and take up individual work?

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