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Bad teaching

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Tom_Bennett, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    DO NOT SWEAT THIS. If you've just started with them you can expect wriggling and rebelling at first. What's really important is that you keep it up- keep taking names in the morning and kicking a$$ in the evening, as Eminem said. Keep applying sanctions, don't bend, waver, falter. Never forget. Contact home for repeat offenders.Use the school sanction system like it's tattooed to your forehead. Wear them down. These things take time, and no one gets classes instantly, believe me.
    You'll get there in the end; good luck. Read more from Tom here on his blog, or follow him. His latest book, Teacher, is out this month, published by Continuum/ Bloomsbury
  2. leftieM

    leftieM New commenter

    Just to add, as a teacher starting my third year and in my 7th school between subbing and supply work, behaviour is something that gets easier with time and your confidence.
    If I were you I would
    a) find a supportive but scary teacher who you can send offenders to if your bm strategies are not working. Often if you have a moan about the class in the staffroom someone will volunteer for this role. It's best to send them to another teacher than have a teacher come in to your class to talk to them. The latter undermines you position.
    b) recognise that children are more likely to be difficult before lunch and last thing. You will have more opportunity for creative teaching and explanations after lunch and in the morning.
    c) The devil makes work for idle hands. If all else fails, get them to take notes. They won't have taught you this on your PGCE and it's not a good teaching strategy but if it gets you from one end of the lesson to the other without committing murder/suicide then use it. It also covers your butt because, if accused of not covering x or y for the exam, there is hard evidence to call on.

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