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Bad Teachers!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by bharatg1patel, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. I really want to go and see Bad Teachers the movie!
    We were talking about this the other day, does anyone have funny things that bad teachers have done to their kids?
    We chuckled (some horrified than others) about 1 retired teacher who used to pick his nose and wipe it on particularly bad pieces of home work!
    got anything worse!?

  2. I really want to go and see Bad Teachers the movie!
    We were talking about this the other day, does anyone have funny things that bad teachers have done to their kids?
    We chuckled (some horrified than others) about 1 retired teacher who used to pick his nose and wipe it on particularly bad pieces of home work!
    got anything worse!?

  3. I had a French teacher who used to chuck chairs across the classroom and call us English scum but never heard of anyone wiping their nose on homework-that's gross!
  4. yeah its pretty bad!
    I'll see your mental French teacher for a English teacher making a kid with asthma clean board rubbers (the chalk variety!)...
  5. We had a geography teacher who used to wang board rubbers at miscreants. If you got hit by the "soft" side you considered yourself lucky.
  6. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    We had:
    1) a music teacher who lifted you out of your seat by your sideburns
    2) a TD teacher who threw board rubbers and board compasses
    I worked in a school where:
    1) I was told by my HoD I could take a kid into the PE store room and give him a thump and he would help me deny it happened (by the way I never did)
    2) Metalwork teacher who used to put kids' hands into 2 separate vices on either side of an walkway and then slipper them
    3) A PE teacher who stood in the PE Office doorway with a boxing glove on and thump any kid who he didn't like, into the opposite wall.
    We're talking the 70's and the 80's
    Not particularly fond memories
  7. Haaa when I was at school (only... 8 or so years ago) we had a long-term supply teacher who threw cricket balls at pupils.. they're really hard! he used to come in the girls changing rooms all the time too... very creepy.

    I'm a trainee and sometimes I'm shocked at what some teachers are like even now though.... like literally calling the kids 'stupid *** idiots' when they did badly on a test... I hope I'm not like that :|
  8. A teacher at my primary school once put drawing pins through the shoulders of a boy's school jumper then wound the roller blackboard up until he was barely able to touch the floor on his tiptoes!
    Same teacher always used to steal crisps off kids at break time![​IMG]

  9. Oh dear these are all (on one level)hilarious I particulary like the vice grip one. I wonder did they end up with extra long arms - handy for tennis. We had a Home Ec teacher who would make any girl she thought wearing makeup to wipe their eyes with margarine wrapper. She made one girl stick a mixing bowl on her head upside down and hit it with a wooden spoon and say 'I am a China man'! Don't ask me why.
    The really bad teachers though are the ones who humiliate children through acts of disgusting abuse and we must never forget that does happen and the victims of this are still coming to terms with it and fighting for justice.
  10. Am I the only one who doesn't find this hilarious at all? I find it horrific that some of the things you are describing were allowed to continue. I know times have changed, but putting a childs hands in vices and throwing things at them? That is abuse, and im pretty disgusted to hear these stories.
  11. To be honest I think the OP was wanting to hear more funny rather than nasty stories!
  12. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    I wasn't suggesting they were funny. In fact, even in the climate of the time i thought they were vile.
  13. My worst was a drama teacher who used to let us off detention if we... wait for it... crawled on our hands and knees between his legs. Fans of the TV series Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy would better know him as the .... well, that might be libellous. Unless it wasn't true of course. Then there was the priamry teacher who used to bang our heads together if ew were talking in line. Ah, halcyon days. Kids don't know they're born these days, do they?
  14. My shithouse of a PE teacher. In first year (now yr 7) a kid in the class had a serious heart defect which he later died of at a young age. He made the kid run an extra lap of the playing field cos 'if this was the Hitler youth you'd be first in the gas chamber'. Still shaking with anger at that *******.
  15. Grove School by any chance?
  16. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I had a Home Economics teacher who used to grab you by the back of your bra stap and twist. That hurt.
  17. Well, the fact of the matter is that bad teachers are not funny at all. Perhaps the movie is funny (I would rather see "The First Grader"). Knowing what impacts and devastating effects bad teachers have on the lives of those in their line of fire, this could never be of a joking matter to me. Not eveb in the best of wrappings. I'm quite sure that most children and grown ups have experienced at least one dreadfully bad teacher in which they will be remember for all the wrong reasons and for ever. My bet is that every single child and parent or any of us who had a bad teacher, would have chosen to avoid such individual with every bone in their body if given the choice.
    Professionalism means to care and worry about the children you are responsible for. Honestly I'm a fun loving person but my stories about bad teachers are not even remotely funny, let alone appropriate for publishing in any shape or form.
    Thankfully I have a truck load of stories about really good teachers doing extremely funny things. Perhaps this is the welcome kind of fun and experience we should all aim to generate and deliver more of in schools these days. It sure is an aim to me.
    It's just not good to be bad [​IMG]
  18. I remember one teacher of ours saw a particularly bad piece of work. He hauled the child to the front of the class, then took us all outside whereupon the teacher set fire to this person's work in the playground. This was very early 80s. We were all flabbergasted even then. The child in question then had to stay in at breaktime and lunchtime until the work was done again. I actually got severely smacked with a black plimsole from this person three times while I was at his school.
  19. My favourite moment in teaching was when I was training and learning of a supply teacher who shouted, "If you don't behave, I'm leaving". The kids didn't behave and he left. He wasn't invited back.
    I'm doing supply now, but it isn't a tactic I've used . . .!
  20. Smurf554

    Smurf554 New commenter

    Bad teachers and OFSTED

    OFSTED are in the building doing their stuff and the inspector walks into reception to find the teacher (Deputy Head Teacher) up a pair of step ladders, putting up a display!
    Instead of looking very ashamed and scrambling down quickly, she shouted to him "Oooh Hello! I'll be down in a minute!"
    During the same inspection, one of the teachers, who was pregnant, left the inspector in charge of the class whilst she went to throw up!!!
    The school went into special measures.

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