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Bad service by MadScience group

Discussion in 'Science' started by grenko, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Have anyone else had this madscience team at their school before. We got them in on Tuesday for two workshops to celebrate science week. Reading their leaflets and testimonies on their website it all seemed very exciting. The presenters were not prepared at all, read the methods off their sheets. One presenter did not have a clue how half of his equipment worked and had no idea on dispersion of light. Please be warned!
  2. What 'mad science' group are you talking about? It's a popular name for promoting science.
  3. It is the Mad Science of South East England. It is a franchise that has its main office in Canada I think. If you google it you will see it all looks very exciting and promising. But as said my department felt it was really not worth that money...
  4. Mad science north west are advertising in my sons primary school. £58 for 8 x 1 hour sessions.
  5. I worked for Mad Science in my part of the country and it was a lot of fun. The worst thing is that some of the children I work with now remember me from it when they were back at primary school!
    Most people I worked with were aspiring teachers who were very enthusiastic. Sadly some just did it for the money (a lot per hour for a Uni student) and like teaching, quite a few people found out it wasn't the job for them.
    Theoretically you do training on how to use the equipment (like the candy flloss machine, hoover craft, etc) and for other specialist things you are supposed to do (best way to showcase demos etc). Some of this you are expected to do in your own time and you are paid for it. It is possible the people who came to you hadn't had or done the required training.
    I suggest you ring up the company and say that you are not happy with the service they delivered and mention the names of the people who you had. If it is a problem, they need to know!

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