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Bad nights!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by saripop, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. My LO used to be a great sleeper. From a newborn she would do 4 hours on the go waking for a feed only once a night. At around 10 weeks ish she started really sleeping through, doing 8/9pm until 5 most nights, sometimes even doing 12 hour stints without a peep! For around the last month and a half, after I put her down at 7 ish however she has started waking during the evening (8.30 ish)before we come to bed, I don't feed her then, just shush her and she goes back to sleep quite easily. Sometimes, I'll give her a dreamfeed (or an awake feed if she's woken up) at 10/11 ish as we are going to bed, in the hope that she sleep through again if ahe has a full tummy! But she will probably wake again at 2, so I feed her because she seems quite awake and is crying ( i do try to shush her first), then put her back to bed and usually she'll wake again at 4/5 ish when I usually don't feed her but I do sometimes fall asleep with her on me cos I'm so tired at this point! then she'll probably wake again at 7/8 ish when I will feed her.
    So really we are having very disturbed nights. She is 5 months today and I know all about the 4 month sleep regression, but thought we were getting over that! She had a bit of a tummy problem where she was doing very green watery poos, and was going every time she was fed and more so about 6/7 times a day, so I think everything was going straight through her, so of course she was hungrier and so was waking more often. I started her on some solids to try and help her tummy. She has taken to them like a duck to water and adores eating carrots and baby rice! It really has helped her tummy and she now has gone since yesterday morning without a poo, for the first time in weeks ( this was normal for her before the upset). So obviously she is now absorbing more of her food and should have a fuller tummy.
    So... my question is WHEN WILL SHE START SLEEPING???? (sorry, but I'm that tired!) I'm really worried that she will not go back to her previous pattern and that she now can't settle herself and that's why she's crying out more in the night. I feel like it's my fault for letting her fall asleep on me more, but I've been desperate for sleep. Sometimes I've kept her in bed with us just to try and get a few solid hours and again I feel like I've spoilt her and have ruined her sleep. I know really other people have it worse than us, but I just can't face the next 18 months or so with only 2 hours of sleep at a time. Really what I'm wondering is if anyone else's LO has had a long period of disturbed sleep and then gone back to sleeping well, or has she now established this as her sleeping pattern?
    Sorry for the long post.
  2. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Sorry to hear you're going through this ((((()))))) sleep deprivation is horrible. Could it be that your LO is used to being fed several times in the night so now wakes up anticipating a feed even though she doesn't really need one? I find a dummy is good for getting my LO (15 weeks) back to sleep without feeding but some babies won't take them I know. If you feel you need help, some health visitors give support with sleep training. I agree that consistency is important but sometimes really hard when you're totally shattered! Hope things get better soon x
  3. My LO did exactly the same about that age. They are little monkeys and something will always come along and pull the rug from under you when you get a good thing going. Illness, teething or going away can all disrupt your LOs routine.
    I agree about your LO maybe being used to being fed back to sleep. She probably isn't really hungry. At that age I would apply the four hour rule, if your LO has been fed within the last four hours then do not feed her if she wakes. Give her a nice soft blanket or something to comfort her or stroke her head instead, she will soon learn. I know it's so hard when you're tired but she will soon catch on.
    The green runny poos sounds like diarrhea to me. Did they look a bit like they had snot in them? Sorry I know that's gross! She could have had a bit of a bug [my LO has it at the moment] that would upset her sleep.
    Hope you get a good night soon x

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