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Bad grammar!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by choca_holic, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hey!
    I am starting a PGCE in September and have been browsing these forums for a while, enjoying getting into the teaching spirit after some years in industry.
    I must admit I have been pretty shocked at some of the grammar I have seen in these forums, and wonder what others think? I know this is a place for sharing ideas informally and getting support from peers, rather than a formal setting, but it is still an open access forum that represents the teaching profession as a whole. I'm not talking about typos and time saving lack of capitalisation etc, I'm talking about howlers such as "I have had lot's of experience", "hey guy's, can you help me with x, z, z etc", and "if your doing a lesson on..."
    Does this wind anyone else up as it does me? Maybe I'm just being fussy, but surely our teachers should all have a basic grasp of English grammar and apply it routinely? Do they write such errors on the board for children to learn from?
    Would welcome your thoughts!

  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I think if that's the only things that's bothering you then you have a pretty happy life. Maybe it might be a tad worrying if we're all English teachers, but we're not, and some of us even have SPLd... it doesn't mean we're not great teacher in our own right.
    Good luck with the PGCE x
  3. It annoys and worries me a little ... but I'm an old man and am puzzled by salutations, such as "Hey!" and phrases such as "I must admit" and the use of "pretty" ... and ending a sentence with a preposition. Then I have a Horlicks and worry about something else.
  4. lauratay26

    lauratay26 New commenter

    Goodluck for your PGCE- I am about to embark on my probation year in August.
    I do agree with what you are saying, especially about these forums representing the teaching profession.
    However, as some of the other users have pointed out- some people really do have more pressing and concerning issues that are worrying them and sometimes, when people are typing out posts- grammar and typos etc. may not be their priority but rather, creating a post urgently to receive help for a problem/issue they are experiencing.
    Personally, I prefer proper grammar but I'm not judging those who don't, well, perhaps if they are English teachers!
    Best of luck, my best advice is that you WILL have days when you want to pack it all in, but don't give up!

  5. I often get cross with myself
    when I look back over what I have written. I type in these forums (and other
    social networking sites) so quickly and sneakily while at work that it rarely
    gets my full attention and it almost never gets proofed before I press go.
    <font size="2"></font>
    <font size="2"> </font>

  6. It makes me roll my eyes and tut, because I'm going to be an English teacher and I can't imagine how people can be so dense as to not be able to pick up the most basic rules of the English language after at least 20 years of using it every day.

    Then I remember that I can neither balance an equation or do long division without a calculator. The sad fact is that grammar has really stopped mattering amongst adults in the workplace. Thankfully, so has mental arithmetic!
  7. I can understand your shock because I was shocked too. And yes, some teachers do routinely make errors when writing on the board.
  8. Hey *****, I must admit I was pretty much in agreement with you until you mentioned the Horlicks. This is the sort of language up with which I will not put! ;-)
  9. .... because it's Horlicks not tea?! I'm puzzled otherwise.
    Mrs ***** and I have no problems with night starvation after a soothing mug. Neither of us worries about apostrophes then.

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