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Bad first observation

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by kbz10, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hello...
    Well, im currently on my first placement (secondary pgce) and at the start of this placement was very concerned about the lack or organisation at the school and especially in my department. Everyone takes the short cuts and my mentor brushed off comments about planning etc just made jokes etc. After a few weeks i started teaching but was unhappy with the standard of the lessons on the school system so asked if i could make some of my own to try out my ideas. I did this but my mentor just said 'they were fine' no advice at all, i taught these lessons and although i was unhappy with them my mentor said they were good and just gave me vague instructions about behaviour etc. Anyway i was observed this week and it was awful-receieved so much feedback- a lot of it were 'targets to work on' and basically he could only find 2 strengths. I feel like my mentor has cheated me and lied just to be lazy. I havnt imporoved at all and I feel like i've just started teaching and really alone with no help. I don't know what to do to get better. Really down heartened by this and my awful lazy mentor and starting to think for the amount of time i stress over it, the amount of hard work but lack of support i just don't think i can carry on.
    Help please......
  2. Sorry to hear that!
    I'm a pgce trainee as well with a mentor who is very muhc on the lazy side but luckily the rest of my department are pretty on the ball. Is there anyone else at your school who could help you out? If there is one thing i've learnt is to ask for help and if your mentor isn't giving you that help try your professional tutor or someone else ion your department. Also let your uni tutor know the situation, that your mentor isn't supporting you properly and you feel nlike you aren't making progress.
    I reccommend you try and make your own lessons if the schools aren't working, surely as long as you meet the learning objective and by the end of the topic they know what they are supposed it shouldn't be a problem.
    At the end of the day its only a matter of weeks until your next school so fingers crossed the next mentor is amazing =)
    Hope it all works out in the end!
  3. You need to be honest and Frank about the lack of mentor support with your university tutor. They may be able to intervene and help. Do ask others in the department for help. Many teachers a re eager and w idling, though yes, they are also busy. If there is a procedure such as a cause for concern process, which can provide extra support from the university, ask your tutor to invoke it. That way you could get support visits and extra help.


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