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Bad Agency - Anywhere I can complain?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Pee2, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Pee2

    Pee2 New commenter

    I came back to teach in the UK after two years abroad. I signed up with a supply agency and filled in a CRB check form on 30th Sept 2010. I called the agency three or four times November - January and was told by the receptionist that she had check online and that my CRB check was at stage 4 'With the Police'
    Finally, last Thursday, 10 weeks after having applied for the CRB I called the agency and demanded the number of my form so I could chase it myself. Only to discover that the agency had NEVER applied for it! I have been waiting nearly 3 months with no work beause a receptionist wanted to fob me off and lied! I told the agency about this and their response was not even to apologise (although they have resubmitted my CRB application online - they say)
    I want to name and shame this agency as they have effectively cost me a lot of time when I could have been working, but not sure if there is any recourse for complaints?

  2. Rockchick2112

    Rockchick2112 New commenter

    Try rating them on http://ratemyteachingagency.com
  3. Yep a complaint to the Quality Mark muppits would be good, if they have Quality Mark. However with little documented evidence then probably would not go to far.
    Quality Mark are a waste of space from our point of view.
    However not a nice lesson in agency behaviour.
    I bet they took your money though! and I bet they charge the schools low rates and pay you even lower, if they get you any work.

  4. Sadly, this is what happens when you do business with scum. All agents are scum, you get blatant ones and you get stealth ones. Scum unites them. If you are doing business with the agency as a prospective customer, it's a whole different world. Oddly enough, I have been in both situations.
  5. Scum's a bit much Stuart. Do you class yourself as scum?
  6. ........and your point is? :D
  7. Firstly write directly to the CEO of the agency!
  8. Well, you say that you've seen both sides which suggests you have been a consultant. So, were you only scum when you was an agent or does being a consultant mean that you are burdened with being scum for the rest of your life?
  9. Keep to the issues "stuart dann" and "hasupply"!
    Stop insulting and name calling each other! The original poster was actually questioning the honesty, integrity and suspect practices of this particular agency?

  10. I am an NQT and I have had some issues with agencies but learnt, very quickly, to stand up for myself and refuse to be bullied or manipulated. It worked a treat and I have a good working relationship with my regular consultants now. I admit I am lucky geographically and could say no to CS and TA work and get a decent daily rate - but supply is a competitive world and we are the pawns so it really is dog eat dog.I am disappointed that we do not get better support from various deartments and bodies (I`m thinking NUT/ GTC/ CRB) but it is such a transient period for a lot of us (I am assuming this) that I imagine we forget the difficulties once we get into a permanent role.
  11. I tend to agree with your point, where are the 'bodies' who were put in place to protect us! They are quick to take our money. I feel very frustrated that the issue of Cover Supervisors has not be addressed by them, and it seems unlikely that it will be. Cover Supervisors are after all being used as 'Supply Teachers', which in turn reduces the amount of opportunities for the rest of us. I am based in the North East and I am registered with STC, I get on really well with the staff and find them friendly and honest. This year I have been kept fairly busy but CS's have had an impact. Come on 'protective bodies' - protect us!

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