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backache - kidneys?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by lrw22, May 14, 2011.

  1. lrw22

    lrw22 Established commenter

    The best thing you can do is make a doctor's appointment and get it checked out.
  2. I have, it's just unfortunate that the earliest appointment they have is the 31st of May!
  3. Did you tell them you think you may have a uti/kidney infection? My surgery normally get you seen the same day in these circumstances.
  4. TC7


    I too have been suffering from a nagging toothache pain around my waistline, at the back, similar to a strain but I can pick things up and bend without it being made worse. It is worse in the morning but is sometimes not there later on in the day. However I had a bleed into my bladder but no other real symptoms on Easter sunday. A walk in clinic diagnosed this as a kidney infection. Had antibiotics for a week After finishing them I had another bleed and now I have an appointment for kidney ultrasound and a cyscopy camera thingy this week. Not exactly looking forward to this.
  5. Oh TC7 let us know how the cystoscopy goes, I'm due to have one week after next, thankfully it's under ga so hopefully won't be as bad as the thought of it.
    OP could you get hold of any of the strips the GP uses to test urine samples when I feel a uti/kidney infection coming on I tend to test a sample myself to check it before I go to GP also sometimes the nurse can do this for you so that may be an option if you can't see a GP.
  6. Hello,
    Thank you for your replies. TC7 - sorry to hear you have been having so much trouble, I hope the cystoscopy goes ok.

    Travel n teach - I think I'm going to phone the surgery tomorrow to try and get an appointment as I'm still reallly uncomfortable this morning. It doesn't really hurt when I pee (that only seemed to happen once) but the pain is definitely more present on one side (the left) and I keep thinking I need to pee even though there's not much in my bladder. I have no fever, though, so that makes me think it might not even be an infection? Where would I be able to get those urine strips? Do chemists sell them?
  7. I'm sure I've seen the test strips for sale online.
    I wonder if you are suffering from kidney stones? This can cause blood in the urine and kidney pain. Best to get it investigated.

  8. Hi Mrs Mo, is the pain for kidney stones really severe? Mine isn't severe, but it's certainly bad enough to want to take painkillers. I was also SO restless last night, I barely got wink of sleep. I felt a lot of 'pressure' lying on my back so tried to sleep sitting up or curled in a ball! It is only on one side and I am occasionally feeling a crampy like feeling in my abdomen. Not looking forward to work tomorrow, I hope the GP has an appointment available for after work hours! x
  9. It sounds a lot like a kidney infection and I would get a 'sooner' appointment in case it is and it gets painful.[​IMG]
  10. Kidney stones can be REALLY painful if they travel down the ureter or get stuck there.
    However, if they are small, they can pass out of your body without you even being aware of them.
    I guess if you have a really huge one lodged in your kidney, you could get general aches and pains in the kidney area, but then again, the symptoms could be due to an infection. You could, of course, have both a stone and an infection! You really need specialist investigations to work out what is going on.
    Hope you manage to get an appointment soon.

  11. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your replies. I went to work today and after work the pain was getting really bad. I went into a walk in health centre and did a urine test. I could actually see specks of blood in it myself and that was confirmed with one of those sticks they put in it. I have been diagnosed with a urine infection and have been given antibiotics to take for 3 days. Unfortunately all the chemists were closed by the time I left so I'll have to pick them up after work tomorrow. Not looking forward to work tomorrow but hopefully once I start taking the antibiotics it'll clear up quickly.
  12. Glad you've got it sorted.
    BTW, anyone else a bit surprised at how we are now only given 3 days of antibiotics, when previously we had at least 5-7 days worth and were warned we HAD TO COMPLETE THE COURSE otherwise the infection wouldnt properly clear up!
    Make sure you go back asap if you feel things haven;t cleared up. Hope you feel better soon though.[​IMG]
  13. Thanks Mrs Mo. I didn't feel too bad today, just sore. However, I have felt quite sweaty at points and then quite cold so when I came home I took my temp and I now have a fever! However, I started my antibiotics today so hopefully the fever will be gone by tomorrow.
  14. Make sure you go back for more antibiotics if you still have symptoms after finishing your course. My concern is that your infection may be involving your kidneys and may need more than 3 days of tablets. When I was in hospital with my kidney stone problem, the girl in the bed next to me had a kidney infection and she was on IV antibiotics and feeling very poorly indeed. Obviously your infection sounds less serious than that but you dont want a chronic infection festering away in there. Hope you feel better soon.
  15. Hope you are starting to feel better. Dont hesitate to get checked out if your symptoms dont clear up.
  16. Sympathies - what rotten pain it can be. Look after yourself and rest up, it could return otherwise. Hope you feel better soon and that it's a one off.
  17. Thanks :) Feeling a bit better this evening. My fever has significantly gone down which is good. Still getting stabbing pains in my back but hopefully they'll clear up in the next day or two.
  18. Then once the pains gone...take time to truly recover x
  19. Will do :) Was told by the doctor on Monday to go back at the weekend if the pains are still there. Hopefully they won't be!

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