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Back up ideas.... should 2011 not be my PGCE year

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by josiejosie, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. josiejosie

    josiejosie New commenter

    Best of luck to everyone waiting to hear about a 2011 place (myself included!)
    the over-prepared planner that I am, I'm trying to create a back up
    option should I not get in this year. My subject (art) is slipping down
    the Coalition's priority list and after the massive cut in places this
    year I'm not hopeful next year there will be any ITT places, let alone
    jobs at the end of it.
    I'd really like to start studying this
    year, and am sure I want to teach. My specialism is art so that's what I
    want to teach but in theory I could teach anything. I'm therefore
    concerned whether it's worth investing the (huge amount) in a full time
    art MA when I may just become more specialised for something that won't
    get me anywhere professionally.
    Anyone know what the reputation
    for the Msc/PDip/PgCert in Education, Policy and Social Change at
    Birkbeck is?? Would this help at all in future PGCE applications? It
    sounds really interesting
    I know
    the best way to prepare for teaching is through classroom experience and
    I'm hoping to get a TA or Cover post alongside this part time course,
    which runs in a couple of evenings a week.
    Ideas welcome!
  2. I don't know much about the course you mention, but it sounds like being aimed at education administrator, so not relevant to teaching.
    If art teaching is your name, I suggest you cast your net wider to include college teaching, industry teaching, or education officers in museums and galleries (but often teaching experience preferred).
    Continue with school experience/TAing and reapply next year if you are unsuccessful this time. But also cosider other options I've mentioned, plus education publishing and software development.
  3. josiejosie

    josiejosie New commenter

    Thanks Alec, that's really helpful.
    I'm now looking into PCET courses for 2011, since if Art is cut from the curriculum it may be a wiser move anyway. And am very glad to see that you can do as many of these as you like simultaneously since it isn't handled by GTTR.


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