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Back to work Interview

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by flossielimejuice, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I need advice - should I complain to the head.
    Last week I had a back to work interview with the deputy. It was one of the worst experience of my life. She spoke to me like a naughty child, all but called me a lair . I said to her I feel as if you are suggesting I am lying and she just glared at me. I was asked to look at a list of my absence and 'what do you have to say about them'. The tone was awful and there was lots of threats telling me that I was not fullfilling the terms of my contract and that I would have to see the head next time.
    I was also lectured about not following the reporting fit to work procedure. I had been off one day and the person I am suppose to report to was off sick herself so I assumed as my line manager knew i was there all was fine. But apprently I should not have assumed and should have enquired who I had to speak to if designated person not in . All this when I have a full teaching day!
    Incidentaly although I am dont think it is relevant to how I was treated. I have had 6 days over since Sept. I returned from mat leave in the summer - son started nursery in sept - picked up evey bug going. So I was off 2 days one week - went in for 2 days and then was off another 3.
    Then not of again till last week. Went into work in the morning but had tummy bug so had to go home just after arrival.
    So 3 periods of absence.

    Since the interview
    *I went straight to the toilets and cried.
    *Was unable to teach that afternoon - just put relevant DVDs on as fighting back tears
    *cried all the way home that and that night
    *feel totally and utterly demotivated and picked on (never felt this before) other people with higher absence have not been treated this way. Although dep does have reputation for no people skills.
    * not sleeping well
    *that stressed I am sat writing this on a sat night!!!
    I I have never made a complaint before and I am definately not a cryer or someone that cant be spoke to or take criticism. But this was uncalled for and is unfair. Yes I agree in Sept i had a bit of time off sick but surely anyone can see it is only 2 periods o f sickenss as I stuggled in ill but needed to go off again.
    Sorry for rambling.
  2. Firstly - pretty much everyone is under pressure to cut/save money...absence=money so I imagine that this could be where your DH is coming from...
    Seondly, your school myabe using the Bradford scoring system, this means:
    From Sept-March (<6months): 3x3x6=54.... your next one day's absence brings this upto 112, so assuming that this continued would make 6x6x12=432 by end of the year... so presumably your employer now has their hands tied and must invoke some form of action to prevent/assist you in not having more absences... usin this scale your absences look shocking, even though most sane teachers would not see this as horrendous...
    Thirdly, try to be strong.... perhaps see if you could start taking some supplements to help boost your system....
    Is there someone you could confide in at work? ARe there likely to be cuts and they're looking for some easy tagrets?
    Maybe worth reconsidering your position and if this is the right one for you???
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    If the HT is more approachable, I would definitely pop in and talk to her on Monday.
    Tell her you were treated and that this has upset you. Also ask if she thinks your absence is a problem, almost certainly she will say no. Ensure she knows how you were treated.

    If your Ht is equally horrible then start looking for a nicer workplace, you do not have to put up with such nonsense.
  4. Supplements to boost my system - are you for real !!! Ihave 2 babies i am going to pick up bugs - for god sake is the world going mad -the Bradford model seems to have taken over all common sense.
    Lets be real about costs - in my cases it has not cost them anything as they have in house cover supervisors that are their anyway. But again irrelevant - I was spoken to in a way that was bullying and threatening. If i have been sick how can i explain my absences in any other way.
    Yes cuts are likely which is why i feel maybe I should complain. My husband thinks if i dont make a stand - I give the green flag to someone (the deputy) that has a reputation for bullying.

  5. HT is more 'human'. He has only been there since sept - but seems keen to make staff feel valued - improvements to staff room, open door policy etc. DH is policy and procedure obsessed - many staff joke she is autistic in the way she cant cope if it is not in a policy. I am far from the first member of staff she has upset. Several staff have approached me and told me to complain having heard of my experinece last week - but I worry they are 'hold your coat merchants' - pushing me nto a fight they dont want to take on themselves.

  6. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    To be honest that wasn't a very nice reply to someone who was trying to be supportive.
    You can complain about the way you were spoken to if you think that will achieve anything. It could make it worse. You could ask to see the Head instead if you think they would be better for a return to work interview.
    If they are using the Bradford system there is nothing you can do about that and be aware that you can be set absence targets and HR and OH can become involved. Get a copy of the absence procedure.
  7. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I agree.
    I think the rest of Torey's post is spot on as well. The Bradford system is common in all walks of life now, and you can be set absence targets. I'd echo her advice to get a copy of the absence procedure so that you can see clearly how it's implemented.
  8. I really dont think suggesting I take supplements was being supportive but perhaps I am just so wound up by the whole situation I cant see the wood from the trees.
    I eat well , take vitamins, Iam reasonabley fit, paid privately to have flu jab - I do what I can. But eveyone I know with babies gets sick it is just one of those thing

    I just cant help feeling that 6 days in a year is not excessive when you consider i have 2 babies, plus i have an excellent sickness record prior to this. Even when pg was not off.
    Plus have come in 6 times in my days off for parents evening and three times for open evenings all without pay or time in leiu - where is the good will???
  9. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I'm afraid the Bradford model doesn't allow for the fact that you have two babies: your absences have to be monitored under the format it uses.

    Obviously if you feel badly treated you may wish to withdraw your goodwill, but that's a matter unrelated to your sickness record. Of course you are entitled to pay if the HT asks you to attend on your days off and you are also entitled to refuse.
  10. I just dont get people seem to think if i have fallen foul of the bradford model then it is one of them things and live with it = sort of thing.
    I have just mentioned it to my husband a police superintendant who said the model is diescredited and his force no longer use it. Apprently it encourages people to stay of longer than neccessary.
    Dont know if my school uses it or not - but surely even if they do a bit of common sense should be used. And I still think no matter what this women has no right to make me feel like she is doing. I am not a lair, I take my job very seriously and have only been of when completely unfit for work.

  11. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    So your husband's police force doesn't use it: lots of workplaces still do, and if your school does you will have to work within it.

    I can only suggest that if you feel you have been inappropriately treated you approach your HT or involve your union.
  12. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Flossie- just reading your post and replies it comes across that you may be suffering from stress? What caused it doesn't really matter. Sounds like you need to go to the doctor and talk things through with him/her.
    Easy for me to say, but don't target your DHT for your feelings- she is only doing her job. If your child was in a class where the teacher worked pt but was absent more than other staff in the school, how would you feel as a parent if that teacher was being offered tea and sympathy and not being asked to explain her absence?
    We can't comment on the tone of your interview as we weren't there, but judging from how you have replied to other posters who have used their own time to try to be constructive, it may be that you can't indeed see the wood for the trees atm. Returning to work with 2 young children is absolutely fine when everyone is well, up and running and there are no hiccups. Try to take a step back and accept that you may have to eat a bit of humble pie here as you cross your fingers and hope for no more illness in your family. Good luck.
  13. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Great post, breadmaker.

  14. This does sound like an over-reaction.
    You could simply have said that they were unavoidable because you were too ill to come in to work. If pressed for more reaction, you could simply repeat that you were too ill to come into work.
    You could have asked her whether she was conducting a disciplinary interview and that if she was, you would have to stop the conversation immediately and arrange for your union representative to be with you.
    So now you know.Smile sweetly and thank her for informing you. Of course you will follow the procedure if you ever need to in future.
    I once had to ask for one day's medical leave of absence so that I could have a day patient procedure at hospital under sedation.I'd had only four day's off sick in seven years, but was still told that the day's absence could count against me.I asked how, but received no reply.

  15. second apostrophe shouldn't be there...

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