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Back to SQUARE ONE!!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by ninasimone, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. As one of the very few lucky ones who has managed to get some longer term supply and then incredibly managed to see off the AWR and actually get paid what I am legally worth, I have just been told I am no longer needed after my KS4/5 pupils leave for study leave in May.
    Reason - as I dont teach any Yr 10s and the only classes I will have will be the remaining KS3 groups, it wouldnt be 'economic' to retain my services!
    Sounds like a kick in the teeth to me, especially after all the work Ive done (been there since Nov last year) to help turn around KS4 groups via masses of intervention work etc etc.
    It really is a lottery being on supply and what has happened to me is akin to saying to full time perm staff...look as you no longer have any KS4 groups, as they are now on study leave, we are reducing your salary as you now dont teach a full time table!!!
    Oh, heavens above give me strength!!

  2. Are schools allowed to do this? is there any union recourse? I would at least ring up and get some advice. What does your HOD / line manager say?
    Does seem like a penny-pinching exercise! I mean, this does sound like a kick in the teeth.
    V. unprofessional on the part of the school. Very unfeeling and insensitive.
    Could you offer to stay on and do some TA support work? For less dosh, but you are retained.
    Yes, as a friend always says to me "when you are supply - you are bottom of the pack!".
    I was at a school last year and had 9 frees (took over HOD's timetable) and lost my year 11 and As and A2 lot (last two temporarily), but they still retained me. Okay, I got a bit more cover (had only been used 3x since I started in the Sept. until April) so I guess I had it good.
    But they never pulled this stunt.
    I was at a grammar school once and there was a Psychology teacher who ONLY had KS4 and A Level classes. come May, June and July, she sat at the computer all day in the staffroom playing computer games as she had NO CLASSES! I remember thinking "that's the life!".
  3. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    If you are employed on a daily supply basis then, as hard as it sounds, the school is under no obligation to keep you in a post if it no longer needs you.
    Really the school isn't to blame since Education is underfunded and schools have to keep within budget, the school might be quite happy to keep you on and reduce stress on other members of staff but simply cannot afford to. I'm sure we could all think of someone or category of people who are to blame here (bankers are high on my list).
    The last time I was on long term supply when my year 11 left I was used a lot for general cover within the school, there seemed to be quite a bit of it too because of school trips, sports events etc.
  4. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    This happened to me in my first year of teaching. When year 11 and year 13 left I was reduced to less than a 50% timetable, so they cut my hours. It didn't work out economically viable for me to do a 90 mile round trip four days a week for half days so I said I would only work full days. I ended up doing three full days and that was it, with some general cover thrown in.
    Unfortunately it seems to happen a lot to supplies. Bottom of the food chain and all that.
    Who will be teaching your classes when you finish?
  5. ...well, I did question this myself in my head thinking, apart from it being highly unprfessional, its a very sneeky thing to do. I even asked if I could continue teaching the remaining KS3 grps on a pro-rata basis, but it appears that isnt a goer either.
    ...yes, I think I will take some advice on this, but its appears its the school's prerogative. That said, I was in a similar position last year but this didnt happen then, so why now?????
    ...me thinks I will cruise my last few weeks, I mean whats the point in trying anyway?
  6. ...as teachers we all understand that one of the 'perks' of perm teaching is the reduced timetable when KS4/5 classes depart onto study leave. Yes, getting hit with general cover and other duties tempers this somewhat, but the freed up time means other less glam jobs can be tackled.
    ...I am afraid that despite my assertions of wanting to take advice there is nothing I can do to alter this decision. Economic based though it maybe, but I do wonder what the point is in trying so very hard to make an impression for a school to just say...thanks but you can **** off now!!
    ...I suppose that at least if any future work maybe in the offing, I will hopefully be first on the list for a recall....
  7. girlychemist

    girlychemist New commenter

    In my experience once Easter has come and gone secondary supply dries up. I've been on Supply 6 years and have only worked between Easter and summer break twice - the second time I was on a KS3 only contract. Why should they pay us when their own staff have been 'freed up'?
    Good luck!
  8. ...yep, your right there.
    ...like many others now, once Easter passes, Ive havent got a pray of getting much work.
    ...I suppose I must be grateful for what I did get but all-in-all supply and the education system is a totally broken entity and it wont get any better soon
  9. I am primary but in a long term post and they often cancel me. I work 5 afternoons doing PPA and NQTS/management cover and the other week got a call around 10ish after sending my child to nursery saying I wasn't needed that afternoon. Last week I was cut by 2 afternoons due to teacher absence and a supply being in all week meaning NQT/management wasn't needed so someone else got a full weeks work. Same this week, not needed Friday afternoon as NQT is off sick still so supply has been in all week will do the full day Friday. It annoys me as some weeks my pay is dropped significantly. If they gave me a bit more notice it would help. Oh and the office phone the agency who phone me rather than school just telling me. Before Xmas I list days as PPA was put on one afternoon rather than 3 with me supervising whole school with the other 2 PPA staff who are permanent watching a film. PPA gets cancelled the few weeks before the summer apparent too so the 6 weeks no pay becomes longer. Guess its just life on supply.
  10. PurpleSapphire

    PurpleSapphire New commenter

    I had a long term contract, I started in jan on a trial and they kept me on until Easter. They then said they would keep me until the Summer, had confirmation of assignment from Agency until June at least. Summoned to HT today to be told they were letting me go (more reasons in the long thread about AWR).. been there for 9 weeks. Friday is my last day.
  11. It's always happening to supply teachers unless you've got a permanent contract. All sorts of excuses abound and some HTs even fake complaints etc...it's called "budgetism"...new financial year kicking in!
    But well done for working since November! [​IMG]Many of us have only had the odd day here and there!
  12. ...budgetism indeed. Its not a great thought is it when you are treated as a number/pound sign and as pragmatic as it maybe for a school to let go of good staff due to budget restraints, just maybe one day a school displays some humility for once....heres living in hope.
    ...the vagaries of supply and the plague that is the COVER SUPERVISOR makes the profession less compelling by the day
  13. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    As far as I know I have my current job 'til the end of the summer term, but the hours will be reduced once Y11 go on study leave, then they'll drop further when Y10 are on Work Experience. C'est la vie.
  14. ...supply is a real lottery. One minute all is dandy, the next your life changes in so many ways.
    ...the reallly tragic part of this story is that I was offered a mat cover till at least the start of sept by another agency, but decided to stay where I was...oh, what a mistake!
  15. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    Don't beat yourself up about that, I would have done the same thing. You felt an obligation to the kids that you are teaching. Sadly I think these days it's look after number one!
  16. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    What does make me wonder is why anyone thinks that permanent contract teachers will cover these classes that the long-term supply had, during their gained time when year 11 and 13 leave?
    Gained time should not be used for cover, except in exceptional circumstances, but instead is to be used to write schemes of work, develop resources, etc. NOT provide cover for another teacher because the school is too tight to get supply in.
    I was off for a few weeks last year due to illness and I was livid to find that staff from one of the departments I worked in were being used to cover my classes. The other department I worked in put their foot down and insisted that a supply teacher was brought in as they had designated tasks to complete in their gained time.
  17. You've got to love it. Having a permanent contract is lovely in so many ways.
    I almost forgot about the 11's and 13's leaving.....Nice work if you can get it.
    Supply is masochistic, if you ask me. I suppose it's the dream of getting seen and getting hired which keeps people going. Sadly, due to the nature of your job, you are just "agency scum" at endutday and can be treated accordingly. It's the hard line of economics. It's down to those with a job and those without as well as every man for himself.
    Not very common purpose of them.
  18. Supply is masochistic, if you ask me. I suppose it's the dream of getting seen and getting hired which keeps people going. Sadly, due to the nature of your job, you are just "agency scum" at endutday and can be treated accordingly. It's the hard line of economics. It's down to those with a job and those without as well as every man for himself.

    You've hit the nail on the head there SD. The amount of times I have worked incredibly hard and had the carrot "there may be a vacancy here next year so we are keeping our eye on you" so you give 110% and then they openly advertise the post and you get overlooked. They end up taking someone younger cheaper..
    But you are right - the majority of folks perceive us through their blinkered prejudiced oh-so-smug I've-got-a-permanent-job specs and even when you do a grand job they can't stomach it as we are just agency "supplies".
    I had a colleague in my old school forever snitching on me and if a pupil spoke to me in the doorway of the MFL stafffroom, she would slam the door shut behind me or tell us to go into the corridor. Remember taking a naughty pupil to her once and she left me standing outside the door for 5 mins whilst she carried on teaching her year 7. Power thing and a certain arrogance. Glad I have more integrity than that!
  19. Well as I typed earlier in this thread I kept getting odd days cancelled. Tonight head called me in to say they just got their budget and can't afford to keep me after Easter. So 4 months pregnant, *** up with agency meaning no NI paid all year when they made me go self employed when they shouldn't have done. Was going back into PAYE after Easter but can't see enough work coming my way to get my earnings up so will be stuck on 30 quid a week maternity allowance in September rather than 130 a week. Just got my toddler settled into a nursery this half term do will have to pull her out and available less days than currently for any possible day to day supply after Easter. So there we go.
  20. ...sorry to hear of your woes. Its the harsh reality of economics that no matter how hard (and well) we work and how far beyond the call of duty we go, supply are aften *** upon from a great height and a case of last one in, first one out.
    ...dont really blame the school. I mean if they can save a bob or two and dispense with the luxury of a good supply teacher then why not. Hurts I know but what can one do these days????

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