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Back to school & Riots

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by isibuko, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Not sure if this has been covered already on the forum (except on the Primary forum) but thinking ahead to doing some work on the riots in tutor time and just wondered whether others were thinking of doing the same, and how you are going to approach it? Seems like there's so much stuff that it's possible to look at, can get a bit swamping at times!
  2. v12


    I do hope you'll not use this as an opportunity to show any sympathy towards the rioters.
    Don't forget to mention the hardcore workshy wreckers who are fulltime agitators without ever having contributed to society in a meaningful way.
    Try to remember to mention that you are a law-abiding taxpayer who will ultimately have to fund the repair and cost of their selfishness.
  3. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

  4. I've done a powerpoint on the riots it's under citizenship KS3 but could be adapted for primary. It's called:
    The UK riots: Lessons to be learned.
  5. I don;t know if this is the sort of thing you discuss in 'tutor time' but the way they felt about it leads to all sorts of interesting information.
    We did this with our two (year 11 and 9) and one was actually quite frightened because it was the first real violence she had seen in the UK,in England. She found it quite scary.
    Another thing we found out was how they didn't understand how London was made up - with different boroughs and communities. They both (we do live a long way away!) thought London meant Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.
    The final thing was how disappointed one of them was with their generation and the other wanted to discuss how he might have acted if there (by coincidence) and seeing the goods there and eay to steal.
    It was a really long and worthwhile discussion and turned up a lot of detail which even I didn't appreciate they were thinking, or didn't appreciate.


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